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Wish I could have seen them back when Clapton was God. Instead of a trinity, a duality, Clapton and his guitar.

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Not Clapton but try this . Oh, not sure if you like the blues. At least wait until the pretty lady sings.

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Wasn't Derek Trucks in the Allmond Brothers band for a while? Like Clapton, like the guitar is talking, crying, singing in another language i can almost understand.

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I'm not sure about that, but he can sure play. If you have glaucoma, the docs have some handy-dandy eyedrops that make it all better.

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Ginger Baker seems impaired. Eric and Jack seem composed... but Ginger: face, face.

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Watched a special on him. Apparently he can't get along with anyone and has spent his money playing polo and buying very expensive horses to play polo with. Great drummer but nonfunctional at getting along with others. Lots of people who can't get along with people get along with animals.

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Sounds like he's on the spectrum, but polo? He doesn't look like the type. Back in those days he was on something besides polo ponies.

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The last thing I would have guessed Ginger Baker was into was polo. But in the documentary he was into it like junkies were into heroin. Very OCD.

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Maybe some of the things he took back then are affecting him now. Me, I'm ADD with a just a touch of OCD, according to my wife. The doc disagrees. Hey Allie, junkies are still into heroin, and something new is into their heroin: fentanyl or car-fentanyl that is even stronger. That green stuff is deadly.

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So I've read. Tragic.

The Russians think the U.S.introduced some deadly illegal drug into their country to undermine them (Shades of crack cocaine introduced into the black neighborhoods by the CIA). Maybe this is MORE of their revenge.