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And this is why I don't care if the virus is real.

It doesn't matter if the virus is real. Even if it's not (I think it's real) the governments around the world are using it as the perfect opportunity to see how much they can get away with.

They need to identify who obeys and who hesitates. Even if you do get the vaccine, that's not the most valuable data for them. How long did it take someone to get it? It's in your medical file. The exact date and time you received it. If they can figure out the speed of obedience in relation to those who disobey, they can use that to model high-threat areas, and estimate how much more bullshit certain areas can take.

This is just feels like a trial run to gather data.

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The UK is what they call a "performative" culture, which explains their extreme class accents more than any bullshit about isolation in the age of trains.

The importance of "proper"ness proves that they live their lives like soundbites rather than of whole tradition or from principle. I approximate here, but I do not exaggerate.

It pops through in ways where they punish disobedience in what looks like petty ways (drones arresting people walking alone in the wilderness) or rewarding obedience in petty ways (this example). But they don't follow through to the logical conclusion, because they're all just taking their stupid acts and accents as far as they can.

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You are only talking about a fairly insignificant number of people. 15,000 were enrolled in the trial, half got the placebo.

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And yet, it always has been. The insane thing is, they told us the first time in 2013 and again last year. Because they believe themselves beyond justice in this world.

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Hey, thanks for sharing this. This is fucking weird, I can't believe they just flaunt their shit around, and these Hollywood pedos act like concerned people. It's damning.

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about ten years ago, i had pneumonia about three times and omg was i sick.. i had flu symptoms.. it was difficult to breathe.. i couldnt eat.. everything on my body ached..

since this covid scam started, nobody just gets the flu any more.. its always this covid crap.. if somebody gets a runny sniffles in their nose, dontcha know it, they have covid.

fk covid and fk biden.