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This is just another small part of the UN Agenda 21 plan. Shift from the previous 60%/40% home owners to renter ratio, to a 40%/60% ratio.

UN Agenda 21 is coming for your property, and then your family.

If you think sustainability is about environmentalism, then the propaganda has taken you.

Look up Behind the Green Mask, by Rosa Koire.

Ignore the Democrat part, because it's not about that at all.

They are coming for you too.

The public needs to wake up.

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Make everyone as poor as possible and keep them on welfare and food stamps as long as possible. Make it nearly impossible to become self-sustainable with taxes, barrier of entries, nuisance laws, registration and licenses, etc,.

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    You are about the nastiest meanest most foul black hearted commenter I come across in these forums. If you are what an Ideal "Christian" is, atheism has got to be a better alternative. Never heard an Atheist call me a "jew" lover. When I dated a wonderful black woman I dont believe it was Atheists that called me a "Nigger Lover" I'm pretty sure I have never seen Athiests line up at a dead soldiers grave with signs saying God hated him.

    In fact, a great deal of mass shooters were "Good Christians" Tell you hawhat: I am great deal more afraid of rabid Christians in this country than I am Atheists.

    For Sure.

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    He's not a true Christian. Though lack of god and lack of helpful religious morale can slowly deteriorate the soul of a society. Radical atheistic communism is one of many terrible ideas.

    Good Christians do not kill, teh Catholic Chuurch is fileld with Satanists, apostates and criminals, who pretend to be Christians, same with othe rChristian denominations.

    It seems in the US, the real criminals are those who lack the principles of how Jesus said to live. To help those less fortunate, and to do everything in your power to teach those who lack good spirit.

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      Key_resource, Stop using ad hominems. Stick to the pyramid of debate. I honestly, think you're a shill. I really do. Do you work for Hasbara, trying to get this site banned? Are you trying to make us look bad?


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      Good Christian, you are. Thank you for proving my point Exactly.


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      He's not acting like a good Christian with these comments.

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        Irish decent, actually. But a racist piece of shit psychopath like you probably has plenty to say about the Irish too, I bet.

        God you are a garbage human. The more you type, the more you prove it.

        If your parents would have loved you, they would have taught you better. I pity you.

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          Holy shit. That has got to be the first sentence I have ever seen you type that didn't contain the word "cuck" or "Jew" or some other racist nonsensical crap.

          That must have hurt you.

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          Do you worship Sam Hyde, the nazbol?

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          He's right Key_Resource, please respect the pyramid of debate. The pointless name-calling isn't welcome here. Thank you.

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          I honestly don't 'get it'. Of course a home takes years to pay off; they cost year's of wages/salary. I would say the image is inaccurate, and think it takes way longer for the average person to pay off their home; as there is just so much other stuff to consume along the way.

          Here's a fact for anyone 'winning' by paying rent, you're still the one paying the taxes, levies, fees, and mortgage of where you stay! And on that note, the last 12 years we've 'owned', and at the time of sale, got back all of our payments made; meaning we lived for free. If you get really creative, often times, you can wrap the down payment into the original loan; walking in cheaper than getting an apartment with 1st, last, and security deposit...

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          and think it takes way longer for the average person to pay off their home; as there is just so much other stuff to consume along the way.

          It does take longer. This map assumes that the person spends 100% of their income to pay for a place to live, going by the average house price in that area and average wage in that area. Basically it's a map of the wage to house cost ratio in various locations.

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          Mortgage means debt bondage for life. Private property is becoming less and less common for the middle class. The elites hoard assets and property, whilst the proce continues to climb, and the purchasing power of the shit dollar continues to decrease.

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          We really actually don't own any property. If one truly owned property, it could not possibly be subject to property taxes or eminent domain. If you don’t have ALLODIAL TITLE, you don’t own a damn thing and must pay rent (property taxes) to a superior landlord (Govt).

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          I'm familiar with the concept. But, we all gotta sit, sleep, eat, and shit somewhere. Someone who by today's definitions is actually 'renting', is still paying for the taxes, levies, fees, and insurance for that building.

          While owning, even when owed to the bank, and the real 'owners', you can scratch out more money=energy for yourself to retain, than many today who complacently 'rent', and then have the corn hole notion that by doing so, they avoid paying like a 'faux' homeowner.

          Does that make sense?

          I can put it clearly, in the last 12 years, we've owned(government rental, right?) 3 homes. The first one was a FSBO, and owner carry. We walked from that home in 3 years with all our rent paid, plus $15k.

          Our second home, was another FSBO, owner carry. We owned that one for roughly 5 years, walked away with rent paid back, and $20k.

          The one we have now, is in the same ball park. When we bought this one, we wrapped all closing costs, and down back into the financing. Meaning no money out of pocket at move in. Our 'rent', and 'rent to government' is around $870 per month. Our lot is extra large, and we have the option to put in another home.

          The closest ghetto apartment to here, starts at $1,000 per month, and no yard, and plenty of foreign neighbors, and section 8 folks.

          Make no mistake we're all slaves, but the NPC's will never give a crap, they'll never care more than the designer shit they wear being cool, and has financing for it.

          I choose to live out my days of slave hood, learning, making myself better, and working outside of the box; which I've got to say, my partner, and I do well, and legally.

          We're good compliant porch monkeys.

          EDIT TO ADD: I would like to note, if a large market correction happened tomorrow, those apartment dwellers will still be responsible for the $1000 monthly; they'll still have last, and security deposit up for grabs. Owning a 'home', and for clarity paying rent to the govt, still comes out better, as you don't have last, and security on the table. You can, and will lose any equity, but shit, monthly payment wise, is still better than an apartment.

          I can run a generator, put wood in my woodstove, you can't do that stuck under someone else's 'owned roof'.

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          HA HA HA AH not if your saving up for the next housing collapse! Thank you Mr. Trump for removing those protections so we can get a repeat of 2008 sooner than later.

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          It was clear as early as 2011 that they had no intention of changing their behavior or regulations. As soon as they all got bailed out for failing, now the bailouts are part of their budgets. Another 2008-style crash was basically baked in the cake as early as 2010. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. There's also the student loan pressure and the fact a whole generation has never seen a household wage increase despite large amounts of inflation for everything they buy, and both adults working now instead of just 1.

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          The Dodd-Frank act has been helping in that area, but they are already trying to chip away at it. I know they were going after it in 2018, I dont know if they have hit it any more this year. To be honest, the Brand New Scandal every single week out of the White House could distract the most focused saint, I believe. I haven't had the heart to see what else they have done.

          If there was something that Obama protected, Trump has been sure to try to tear it down.

          Everybody is throwing a party saying that this is the best economy ever and yet those same people are deliberately not looking at the deficit, that by now plummets right through hell, to places here to fore previously unexplored.

          I dont know who is going to clean this mess up, but I bet it will be a Democrat and they will be blamed for the fallout of Trumps mess.

          These companies are getting these tax break and firing their employees and buying their own stock and artificially pumping up their numbers like this eventually isn't going to come crashing down again.

          How could it all not be deliberate? Of course it is. Even being prepared for it I'm scared as hell.

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          That's the point of the scandals. They are distractions meant to create divisions. If there was something that Obama protected, Trump has been sure to try to tear it down.

          Everybody is throwing a party saying that this is the best economy ever and yet those same people are deliberately not looking at the deficit, that by now plummets right through hell, to places here to fore previously unexplored.

          Wall street is doing fine, the stock maret is in a bubble but surely it will come crashing down, and Trump taking credit for it, only serves to discredit patriotism, conservatism even true liberalism which nobody in congress, nor any president serves anymore. The right is filled with alt-right National Bolsheviks, Chabad-Lubavitchers, and neoconservatives (neotrotskyites), the left is just crony neoliberalism.