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This is how I think a real revolution has to happen to actually work. It's not a revolution of guns and wars, but rather a more fundamental revolution of opinions and ideas.

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Not sure who wrote this stuff. But there are two important things to think about on this long post:

1.) The word revolution. What does it mean? To revolve, to return? People have their own ideas. Just think about it though.

2.) Beliefs and Opinions. With the fake news and censorship, it has become tremendously difficult for people to formulate their own beliefs and opinions to match the social reality we are in. Most have fallen to swallowing propaganda, while others are clinging to their set beliefs passed onto them via generational sects. Few will be able to engineer their beliefs and ideas to the accuracy required by crushing lies and straining the truth out of it all.

So basically, we are seeing the need to revolve back on our beliefs and opinions to fit reality; without breaking it or us. But due to the obstacles present, some conflict will probably take place and therefore an internet distribution protocol would not be the instantaneous golden pill due to misinfo, disinfo and plain old prejudice. Not to mention a physical conflict may disrupt telecommunications infrastructure in the future.

So really the revolution of ideas and opinion starts with you. On an individual level. Now what do you have left to learn and do?

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I am using "revolution" here in the sense of "the next iteration in our cultural evolution as a civilization"

Very interesting comment, I think you are dead-on about quite a few things.

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I, for one, can't wait for this revolution you speak of. It's bad.. very bad. And there is still only very few people who can even see it. It has to start somewhere.. like forced awareness in majorly developed countries (mainly the usa). Awareness leads to action.

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Lots of people are waking up, as things get worse. I think it is inevitable, in some form or another.

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Awesome post magnora. Really loved this.