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Last seen in the courtyard of the castle..... It was definitely sugar ray??? is how it read to me.

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Haunting mystery of brutal rape and murder of schoolgirl boxing fan which has been unsolved for seven decades, almost 70 years ago Britain’s Randy Turpin became a national hero by beating Sugar Ray Robinson, his famous victory will forever be linked to an appalling crime.

Robinson set up training camp at the Star and Garter hotel in Windsor, a seven yo girl named Christine Butcher who lived near the hotel decided it was the ideal opportunity to go and say hello.

She had a black porcelain doll she wanted to show the champ and at around 3pm on Sunday 8 July 1951, Christine waved goodbye to her mum and clutching the doll set off on the short walk to the hotel.


She failed to return home and when her parents raised the alarm Berkshire Police immediately launched a huge search, bringing in in sniffer dogs and soldiers from the Household Cavalry who dragged part of the nearby River Thames as part of the hunt.

They appealed for information from the public and visited Sugar Ray who denied seeing the child, he was quoted as saying, “I am very sorry about this if I had known she wanted to see me her daddy could have brought her in and then this never would have happened."

Two days later members of the public stumbled across Christine’s body in the long grass close to the historic Windsor Castle, she had been raped and strangled with the belt of a blue gabardine raincoat she was wearing when she vanished.


Her doll lay nearby, forensic evidence suggested she had been killed where she was found around a mile from the Star and Garter on the day of her disappearance. The subsequent murder inquiry was one of the largest ever carried out by the Berkshire constabulary.

Scotland Yard was called in to assist and a day later Detectives quizzed Sugar Ray and his party along with other hotel guests .. a Scotland Yard spokesman later released the statement "unfortunately neither Robinson, his wife or any of his assistants could tell us anything which might lead to the murderer."

On 20 September 1951 an inquest in Windsor returned a verdict that Christine had been murdered by person or persons unknown and although detectives said they would continue working on the case it faded from the public consciousness. By Gary Lucken @, 18 July 2017.

Sure he did it ..