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IP2 mods to the rescue! It was super-simple to resolve the flair issue, I just had to use super-duper-old CSS of:

set_flair: ["text", "cssclass"]

They weren't sure about AutoMod scheduling though, as they don't use it.

Going off of Reddit, one of the requirements is that AutoMod accepts an invite to be a moderator. AutoMod isn't accepting my invites though. Do you have any way to tell it to auto-accept mod requests?

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Awesome! I'm glad you got it figured out, thanks for letting us know the answer.

I have literally zero idea how to use the automod, I've never once messed with it, I'm sorry.

I think you can add automod as a mod by using "Force add" rather than invite. There's another box next to the invite box that is 'force add moderator' and I think that's what you need to use for automod.

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Hmmm... I'm not seeing anything to force-add a moderator:

Maybe it's just an Admin thing, to be able to force-add?

Could u/saidit-bot perhaps force-accept the invitation on behalf of AutoMod, since it's an Admin also and is sending the invite message?

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Right above where it says "moderators of /s/" that's where the force add option should be.

I think you're right maybe it's an admin-only thing. I don't know how to access /u/saidit-bot to accept things. I can force add /u/automoderator to your admin team if you want.

Does every sub use the same user /u/automoderator? Another option would be to go to the subs shown in and ask the mods of those subs how they got it to work.

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Every sub would use the same user u/automoderator, yes. Here, it currently has zero subs it's modding, so there isn't anyone to ask.

Over on Reddit, the only reason people would even need AutoMod as a mod in their sub was for scheduling posts - otherwise having it as a mod wasn't needed, it could perform all other duties just using the regular wiki config page.

I'm decent enough with reading code, but understanding how bots work is beyond me. I'm afraid I can only point towards the end-result of their functionality, not necessary why or how they work the way they do.

Could you force-add u/automoderator to my private testing sub so I can see if the scheduler will even function? My private sub is s/DropTheT

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You're right it doesn't mod any subs. I wonder why it has posts at all? I find it confusing, I should figure out how this system works.

I guess the automod we have is currently being used to re-post things to ensure alternate sources, or ensure things don't get deleted. But just copying posts doesn't require mod privileges.

It's funny as an admin if I try to look at /u/automoderator's IP address, it gives me an error page. I guess that makes sense since it doesn't have an actual IP, just funny though.

I have force-added /u/automoderator to /s/DropTheT right now and we can begin an experiment, as you'll be the first to have automod actually have mod privileges.

Maybe if you don't mind, if you figure out stuff that actually works, perhaps you wouldn't mind documenting it on the saidit wiki here: You should already have permissions to do so, and we'd appreciate any additional documentation from anything you can figure out at all (even if it's just linking to reddit-based resources because everything is 99% the same) because this is new territory for us.

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Absolutely, I'm happy to add any insight and details I have!

And thank you for force-adding AutoMod, I'll see if it works!

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Sweet! I'm very curious to hear any results you have, good or bad. I am going to try and learn about automod from what you learn, because I know little about it, but as the site admin I really should know how it works

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Just following up on this.

I've been tinkering with the AutoMod scheduler based on how Reddit described in this post:

I suspect AutoMod on this site doesn't have a scheduler in it's code. I've tried getting it to update by sending messages saying both "schedule" and "update", and I've sent them as my own user name and as the subreddit itself, and I'm not getting any results :(

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Hm I see, thanks for the update with more details. Sorry it doesn't work, not sure how to fix that