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Sounds like the label on Dr. Bronner's Soap but a lot or most of it is true.

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I love Dr. Bronners. I have a bunch of them in different sizes, depending on my travel needs.

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I briefly lived where he used to live, in Escondido, California that is just outside San Diego. My sister must have thought it was strange that I was in the shower for about an hour when I first got there but I had never read anything like his labels and could not stop. Sadly, he had died sometime before I got there, long ago—unless I'm mistaken.

Then I took some peyote buds blended in chocolate ice cream and was taken to the San Diego Zoo. After that, everything was different. I seem to be on this binge of writing about chemicals. Wish I had some. Maybe the source of the obsession is The Devine Spark by Graham Hancock that I'm reading now.

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I had hand made spinach ice cream at Burning Man. It sounds gross but it was surprising awesome. It didn't hurt that it was a hot desert. I had mushroom smoothies out there too. Different year. But I'd never thought of having mescaline ice cream.

I am a clean mean ketamine fiend as it's peachy keen and I vote Green cause...

Um... it's my mind hug of choice. Sometimes I get carried away.

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