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Thanks for posting this. I'm a former resident who left because of this, but still have to visit for work. As the report touched on, people in Seattle pretend like the root of the problem is that these people just can't afford housing and won't acknowledge the drug problem. This report is so important because it makes the drug problem impossible to ignore, yet I'm sure it still will be. Really feels like I'm taking crazy pills when I'm trying to call a spade a spade but people react like I just called their mother a whore. What KOMO did here was amazing, here's hoping it won't fall on deaf ears.

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Oh yeah definitely you know. This has gone so far beyond reason, compassion and logic. Tore my heart apart, I only made it about halfway. I can't bear to see people in such distress. There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in that piece though.

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3rd world shithole.

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Whats up with these West Coast sanctuary cities that talk down their nose to the rest of the country but look like third world countries with shit in the streets and tent cities. They can't even take care of their own residents.

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The real problem is most of those West coast places are hemorrhaging their residents (Not the wealthy ones though).. & they're emigrating to places like Texas, Idaho, Az, and Utah.

My last trip home to Idaho was really discouraging, it looked like a California refugee cess pool. If these states were smart, they'd require a loooong length of time before you could legally vote there.. Better yet just let them reside in said state and vote in the state they came from.. Remove property and income tax and move to a high vat or flat tax scheme to make sure everyone pays taxes.

I'm sure there might be some dandy folks moving out of Ca/Wa/IL/Ny/Or... But I'd make everyone moving from a blue/purple state to pass a liberty test or something.. I don't think most of them know why they live in a shithole, just that they don't like paying high taxes and they don't like the high cost of living/housing.. Tragedy of the commons, they essentially CaliPhuck other states.

On top of that, EVERY time someone mentions how Cali is 1/5 the U.S. economy and no one could survive without them, I'd raise the water export fee and price per gallon by a buck so that everyone knows we aren't subsidizing those meatheads for living in the desert..

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I was only in seattle back in the 90s as a kid for a vacation but I remember at the time people there complained tons of people were moving from California to seattle and also places thru washington and oregon.

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One day the whole continent will be LA sprawl.