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By definition, anarcho-capitalist society lets corporations rule everything because corporations have the most capital.

Ancap is a terrible system. It's basically corporations and billionaires pretending to be anarchists. It's the only type of anarchism I don't consider to be a real type of anarchism, tbh

It's like Grover Norquist's fake version of "Libertarianism" which is just corporatism in disguise

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The ideal ancap society would be a monarchy, but instead of being hereditary, it would be a meritocracy where those who bring the biggest benefit to society would rule.

At least, thats my understanding of it.

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That's only ideal if you accept a dictator as your ruler.

That actually sounds like super corporatism. The next level of corporate dictatorship.

If you're interested in the corporate governance endgame, then look into UN Agenda 21.](
This is actually happening as we speak.

The US has already been devided into 10 FEMA (UN) regions.

Agenda 21 is the UN plan for global corporatocracy.

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Those are the regions into which the USA will be broken up once the civil war erupts.

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With a FED bank running each city-state region.