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The directors always wear red. Man in a red blazer also seen in New Zealand shooter vid. Thank you Jesus. :) Note: Ft. Lauderdale is Debbie Wasserman Schulz' district. Broward County, until about three years ago, was the Oxycontin capital of the US so the cops must have known of all that Oxy coming from "pain clinic" scripts. The sheriff is Jewish—the only Jewish police officer I've ever heard of.

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Three men in red in NZ telling the driver where to go, two of whom were muslim, so even if the shooting looked tremendously real, the aftermath at the other mosque was beyond fake and the grieving process of the injured and witnesses was brutally fake and staged.

So this leads me to believe the entire shooting was fake with moulage, CGI which can be seen in the HD footage with casings disappearing and weird anomalies. I'd bet they used the gun shot props they use in hyperactive drills where as you pull the trigger the trigger times up with the hit marker exploding on contact. It's fake but looks very real. Idk, though. And thr women who was shot on the side of the road made me queasy but as I watched the HD footage bersion it is betond clear she has the same prop that they use in hyperactive drills and action movies. The gun wasn't even lining up with where the thing exploded on her arm. There was too much fakery in the aftermath of NZ for it to be real and not an exercise.

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The video looks real AF to me. The the movie 'props' you talk About are called squibs. Squibs always look fake. Squibs were not utilized in the nz video. You tell tell by the way it is.