I genuinely feel bad for Niko. by johnnybravo in Wojak

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I mean who wouldn't, dude was apart of some very fucked up stuff. He's my favourite character in the GTA Universe tbh, it wasn't the best game if we're talking about gameplay because they removed a lot of the player customisation that the others had but it's definitely one of my favourite storylines. Niko really didn't care if he died or not.

tfw the 2020s seem to have begun yesterday but it's already July by AntiLowEffortHuman in Wojak

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TFW I feel I just posted this a month back but it's already December

I'll never forgive corona and lockdowns, they stole an entire year from me 🤬🤬

23 year old hiker by johnnybravo in Wojak

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I want to to be that man. Lost in the woods forever.

People who use these websites by johnnybravo in Wojak

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Also, sorry that this is a repost from reddit