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Selected Twitter replies (a Saidit exclusive – you won't see these on the Reddit crosspost.)

  • you are an absolute icon and i will be voting you in for PM

  • I, too, went to a shitty Catholic high school! I love this! Take that power, Holly! 💙 You're freaking amaze!

  • I'm so happy to Live amongst people I can call my friends like you who hold such strength, power, knowledge and RESILIENCE ❤️ur fucking fab !!! Love you

  • I love you so much!!! ✊

  • I’ve already told you this but I love you so much and I’m so fucking proud of you. You’ve won. 💜💜💜💜💜

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Typical love bombing by multiple socks.

As soon as they step out of line that changes very quickly.

The way the cult works is they get you hooked on adulation to the point you feel it's normal and you can't function without it and just believing in yourself.

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People couldn't possibly think differently from me. They must be sockpuppets!

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I'm not arguing people don't believe this stuff.

But you clearly see when a celeb or trans person acts out in favour of their cause suddenly thousands of accounts you've never seen before with 1 follower appear making the same kind of comment.