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I remember it well.

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This is one of the black and white episodes. How old are you, 75?

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Lame backhand. There's a thing called reruns. And even if I was, who the fuck cares? (My parent's aren't even 75.)

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I don't remember the black and white episodes in reruns. And heck, a standard staple of comedy routines in the 90s was "the Professor could make a Geiger counter out of two coconuts and a vine, how come he can't fix a two foot hole in a boat?"

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In that episode I remember so well - BECAUSE it was so critical to the whole show's premise - was that they had made some glue and tried to patch the hole (that was above the water line). Turned out the "glue" was an anti-glue and it made the whole boat fall apart in an absurd cartoonish fashion. Even I thought it was silly as a kid. In that particular image you can see the boards pealing back which would make no sense if there were any nails.

My favourite episodes were when visitors came (though they were all bastards who left them), but above those were the later ones with all the "clever" inventions - including their car build from bamboo and stuff.