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Not only is this video wrong, but it directly violates the teaching of the Quran.

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other.

-- Quran 49:13

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Humn not really, it does not violate the Quran. The verse basically say that all people descend from Adam and Hawaa', the only difference is religion.

Tafsee Ibn Katheer. I believe, that the verse was revealed because people were making fun of Bilal RA (he was freed from slavery and was black).

The Muslim concept of a nation is based strictly on religion, as long as you are a Muslim you can go, work, and live in any land that is considered Dar Al Islam.

All modern "Muslim" nations were created by the west as a result of decades of colonization, sometimes they divided Muslim on the basis of their understanding of nation (Greek/Roman: if people share the same language, culture, ancestors they should be considered as a nation), sometimes just to profit from the land or the old divide and conquer.

The result was catastrophic on Muslims, they imposed borders on Muslims thus limiting their freedom. They also impose western laws and secular regimes on Muslims that act as watch dog to prevent any hope of reunifying Muslims.

The funny thing is, if you are from a western country, you can go make a tour from Morocco to Indonesia without a lot of trouble. Try doing that if you are from a "Muslim" country, you can't even enter Algeria from Morocco by land.

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What you're doing is taking an ayah that is saying we made you into different tribes and nations so that you may know (in other translations recognise) one another and expanding on this meaning beyond proportion and saying it's okay for Muslims to live divided under different banners and borders - which is a wild interpretation.

The caliphate does not recognise borders. In Islam all Muslims are free to travel the earth with no need for travel documents and passports. All Muslims should be ruled by only 1 leader and all Muslim land belongs to a caliphate. Passports are for the kuffar and the dhimmis. They need our permission to move about whereas Muslims are given permission by Allah to travel upon the earth as they please.

Nationalism and the flag of each so-called Muslim country belong under our feet except the flags that have Allah's name written on it such as the flag of Iraq etc because it is impermissible to dishonour anything with the name of Allah (SWT) written on it.