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This argument is flawed. Suppose you live in a town with only 2 food stores and both are evil. Do you buy food at the less evil store or do you starve to death? This is the same question as voting. Choosing the lessor evil when there is no other choice is not inclining toward evil, it is just being practical. Voting for the lessor evil actually improves the world by helping to prevent the greater evil.

With that said, I personally don't vote because in America all options are so bad that all will result in the collapse of society, so there is no real difference. But I would vote if I thought there was a candidate who wasn't terrible.

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It's not the same example at all. The video already refutes this. Shirk is already the biggest oppression - why are you supporting them in their shirk secular rule? Secondly voting for candidate A is shirk voting for candidate B is also shirk. Because you are giving them the right to make laws, legislate. Only Allah can make laws.

"Legislation is for none but Allah"

"Or is it that they have associates who have legislated for them as religion that which Allah has not given permission?"

You certainly won't be starving to death if you don't vote. Even if they deport you, you cannot vote. This is shirk. The only excuse for it is ikrah - which is if they force you to vote at gun point. Even if someone did not vote but they believed Hillary Clinton should make laws - this belief is still kufr. Because Islam requires us to disbelieve in taghut - disbelieve in the notion that mankind can make laws as they please. The one who votes by their action are invalidating this claim.

We don't believe mankind can make laws, we believe in the sharia so we can never support anyone ruling by other than what Allah has revealed. You should stay around inshaAllah, if we can make this sub more active - brothers will be sharing beneficial knowledge about these matters. Many of the imams are not telling anyone this because they are affiliated with the government in one way or another (Omar Suleiman, Hamza Yusuf) or they are legitimately ignorant.

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Do you believe in traffic laws?

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Traffics laws prevent wasting human life, money and properties. Traffic laws don't fall under what god has revealed, they just help easing daily life of people and make it safe. Traffic laws do not necessitate committing any kufr, they do not require making halal into haram or haram into halal.

The only issue that I can see with traffic laws is insurance, which can be replaced with an Islamic concept of solidarity funds.

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No I don't. I believe there should be safety measures in place such as the red light, the seat belt, the speed limit etc and whoever disobeys those should be punished according to what the sharia would prescribe for endangering the life of yourself and others, it should not be done according to secular law.