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QUOTE: "California may be on the verge of eliminating single-family zoning statewide. This is huge. And it’s a sign of how quickly the politics around housing and land use have shifted in just the last year. On Wednesday, a key committee signed off on Senate Bill 50 — San Francisco Sen. Scott Wiener’s bill to allow denser, taller housing around transit and in communities with lots of jobs. As part of the negotiations, Wiener agreed to merge his proposal with Senate Bill 4 by Sen. Mike McGuire (D-Healdsburg) and the result includes one very big change: Single-family houses could be converted to four-unit buildings, by right, anywhere in the state."

I call fluff news; they're doing similar in most cities across the nation, 'in-fill' rules the day, and if you couldn't figure it out, it's a trend towards the active implementation of Agenda 21.

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What's agenda 21?

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Global governance of all life and resources. It's the globalist UN end game.

Agenda 21 Rosa Koire

It's a disaster.

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This one is almost an hour long - but if you've never heard William Cooper, what better time to start!

Edit: yes, it's definitely about agenda 21 - despite the title and his introduction at the start (and his personal religious angle, which he tries to keep out of the conversation)

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I'll go layman description: it's a push governed under the UN to move existing rural populations into cities; making the rural areas cordoned off no go zones.

Like in California, due to the fires, that have occurred there, the state was holding talks in regards to not letting people back in some of the areas to live, as now it's too expensive to protect them so far out; hence the need for the drive to push towards cities.

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Lmao. Or maybe it's an attempt at cracking down on the rampant NIMBYism keeping real estate prices sky-high, rather than a plot by the UN, an organization with very little real power.

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NIMBYism; not in my back yard; had to look that one up. How would the non issuance of single family home permits, lower the cost of real estate? If everything was multifamily, then there are more intense codes, and regulations; meaning only those with money can pay to have them built.

I would love to hear how this will lower real estate prices; please explain.

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In this case it's a matter of land. There is a finite amount of land(shrinking in some cases) and an ever-increasing amount of people, especially in California. The reasoning is that if we reduce the overall land usage per person, more land to go around will lower prices of housing. Whether that actually happens, who knows.

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What of the people who own homes now? When do we allow 'necessity' to overrule rights, and who decides what's truly necessary?

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Oh don't get me wrong. This is definitely well past what is necessary. California loves to be overly proactive about this kind of thing. They are also requiring all new homes be fitted with solar panels. Which is nice and all but doesnt do any favors for housing prices.

As far as necessity overruling rights and who decides it, this is exactly why i vote. Because you are choosing the people that make those decisions.

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Alt account??

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Are you laughing your ass off?

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But they's say okay to mining its resources.

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This is actually a really good thing if it comes to pass.

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How so; please explain?

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This is terrible. It's the UN Agenda to herd everyone into cramped city-prisons to better spy and control people depriving them of the land and resources that is left to be exploited by elites.

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Yup. Agenda 2030/21