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They need an app for android.

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i thought that i would enjoy truthsocial, but there are a few issues about it that really do not impress me.

for starters, trump has really alienated himself from a few major groups... islam, lgbt and ms13..

trump totally fucked up when he went on the television and said that he thinks that muslims hate everyone and that he wanted to cancel their travel visas.. omg, he just made himself an absolute enemy of the entire muslim world.

and then he went on the television and declared war on the MS13... i almost pissed my pants when i heard him say that.. i mean, for fucks sake, the ms13 will literally walk into a tornado to kill someone and mr trump decided that it would be a clever thing to publicly declare war on them...

and then when mr trump completely bitch slapped the lgbt by openly declaring "no trannies in the military"... holy shit.. what a fucking blunder.. i mean, transgender people are people.. they breathe and they shit and they piss just like everybody else... i really cant see why they couldnt serve in the military, just like anybody else.

trump has an attitude that works if you are running a casino or a real estate empire.. but, when you are the president of a nation, you are supposed to represent everyone... and he just doesnt do that.. no matter that he puts on some rallies and has some fairly large turnouts.. that isnt what the president is supposed to do..

the president isnt the host of some reality tv show, he is the representative of all of the people.

a word to the wise, mr trump really should take a hint and step down before somebody puts him down.

it is only a matter of time before they take him out.. the writing is on the wall.

not that i like what biden is doing, ffs, but anyways...

welcome to the new united states of china.