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And if they're near the cutoff and they send them early, they're the oldest kid in their class, but if they wait until the next year the kid is the youngest in the class. That's another change. It really changes a lot, doesn't it?

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Yeah, it's wonderful how the world works, one way or another -- whether you're sending kids 1 year later or earlier, or making small decisions that affect your life, positively or negatively

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I was sent to school one year earlier than the other kids, because I was diagnosed with high IQ. The end of that song was me boycotting pretty much all and everything during my entire school time until I left that institution without even making sure to get my final school certificate after breaking up with that bs completely in 8th grade. I didn't bother to show up there anymore, because it was all just sitting on a chair for the most of the day without learning anything usefull or even interesting. So my gradings were always either the lowest or the highest in class, depending on wether I was boycotting the crap or not. Being in the outside, exploring the world, the people and the laws of the streets as well as the laws of nature has taught me so much more about how to live my life than sitting on a chair in a school house ever did.

I think that the school system does a lot of weird fuckery with the human brain, it breaks young folks to only make them learn how not to think for themselves. "We learned so in school" will become their mantra for the rest of their poor lives, it's a pity.

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it would always be best to be older IMO. On one had tho you'd have one less year in life to work and all that but that sucks anyway, looking back, it's cliche, but high school was best time in my life, I wish I was slightly older, I'd be more developed slightly, I'd get the girls more, be better on athletic teams, be alpha

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Where's the actual thought? There's nothing here.

I was a year early somehow. It sucked. I was always the youngest kid in class. Smaller than everyone else so I got picked on. Always playing catch up because the material was advanced.

And at the end of it all what do you get? Graduated at 17, so what? Better to put kids with their peers so they're always at an age appropriate level.