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How often do these come out? Monthly?

Also, does "nor against any signed-in user of saidit" mean that you haven't received any, or that you know that no Saidit user has?

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Yes these come out monthly. Every month we'll post one, roughly around the change of the month.

It means that to the best of my knowledge, any user on all of saidit

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Idea: the canary's should state a date by which a new one should be posted. Then if one is not posted by then, we know something is up.

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Thanks, it's approximately monthly. I just posted the new one, thanks for the reminder.

I know if we set a date I'll just accidentally forget one time and everyone will freak out over nothing... let's just say if there's ever a 2 month period without one, and I still haven't posted one even after people have reminded me to do so, then something is definitely up. That is the red flag I would keep an eye out for.

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The included date is not necessarily supposed to be the date when the new canary is posted. Its supposed to be the date by when a new canary should be here.

Eg you post canary's before the date. So if you post monthly, set the date to be a month and a half in the future, or maybe 2 months. You aren't expected to do the canary on that date you set, just any time before it.

Also on the topic of suggestions, include a timezone for the date.

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Oh okay, I see. Then I think 2 months between posts would be a good maximum before people should get seriously worried. I will still aim for posting monthly though. Just look at the timestamp of the most recent post, if it says 2 months, then everyone can get worried.

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Zero?! I don't think we're doing our job right boys.

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did you just assume my gender?!

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I did, prolly a dude. Assume me also. I'll say yes you are correct, just to assume the assumer, therefore not racist bc double negative.

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John Podesta, look at this hotard, haha I tied a girl to a ping pong table, then make sexual references toward kids. Why are people bullying me? All the kids in rich kid school did it. Look at my satanic references also....gee, totally don't know why people hate me! BTW did you see how much I love jeffery dahmer? Yep, totally normal to worship serial killers.

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He's like the embodiment of "i fuck 16 year olds and am cool at school even though I'm 60"

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So, we are on Antarctica's shitlist then?