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I'm down with pulling SaidIt RedReader off of F-Droid and putting it elsewhere.

Gab has responded to F-Droid’s decision by branding them as cowards and announcing plans to fork F-Droid’s repository.

Elsewhere like Gab's F-Droid fork though? That'd be as bad as having your code on M$'s GitHub or the CIA's GitLab :) Man it's rough times all of the sudden.

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I don't agree with their decision, but F-Droid is still a valuable resource and doesn't currently have any viable alternatives. I wonder if they're going to continue hosting Fedilab, Librem Social, and other Fediverse clients that don't block Gab at the user level.

What's this about GitLab being CIA though?

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I got the impression that F-Droid is only going to ban the Gab app because it explicitly takes you there, but generic Fediverse clients will be allowed. But who knows.. it's certainly a slippery slope once you start evaluating things politically.

GitLab was funded/founded (in part I assume) with In-Q-Tel money: