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f-droid's team has decided to get "woke", while i left gab cause of censorship and gab's own shady moves, f-droid has made a similar move and banned gab for "allowing all opinions" and "hatespeech".

join me in dropping this maul, boycott f-droid and remove their store from your devices.

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I'm getting so sick of this SJW mania taking over the software industry.

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Does anyone know if this is a unified stance from the FDroid team?

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It looks like most of the conversation has been in private, but I found a little here:

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I'm down with pulling SaidIt RedReader off of F-Droid and putting it elsewhere.

Gab has responded to F-Droid’s decision by branding them as cowards and announcing plans to fork F-Droid’s repository.

Elsewhere like Gab's F-Droid fork though? That'd be as bad as having your code on M$'s GitHub or the CIA's GitLab :) Man it's rough times all of the sudden.

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I don't agree with their decision, but F-Droid is still a valuable resource and doesn't currently have any viable alternatives. I wonder if they're going to continue hosting Fedilab, Librem Social, and other Fediverse clients that don't block Gab at the user level.

What's this about GitLab being CIA though?

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I got the impression that F-Droid is only going to ban the Gab app because it explicitly takes you there, but generic Fediverse clients will be allowed. But who knows.. it's certainly a slippery slope once you start evaluating things politically.

GitLab was funded/founded (in part I assume) with In-Q-Tel money:

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I don't like what they did to the Gab app, but I don't think we should pull ours. We'd only be hurting ourselves, imo. Not like f-droid cares about us or our app anyway. If there was a good alternative that'd be one thing, but I don't really see one.

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no, it wouldnt hurt saidit, the name is known now. staying on f-droid is what will hurt things.

its the scenario of they came for this guy, i didnt say/do anything, O SHIT, NOW THEIR COMIN FOR ME, RIP.

just host the apk from, its how infowars does it.

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Yep. To too early. :-(

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While in theory this might seem to be a good concept, it has serious consequences: things like racism, sexism, verbal abuse, violent nationalist propaganda, discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, antisemitism and a lot more things become popular on such instances.

F-Droid then goes on to say that “moderation” is necessary to prevent “oppression and harassment” from flourishing.

Are they implying that such ideas are so good that the only way to avoid people being convinced by them is to censor; that a rational newcomer who doesn't already have these ideas would be drawn to them because they are so convincing? That almost endorses the terrible ideas they, as do I, dislike so much.

If one is confident in being right, they should engage and not censor, because if they really are right, the right answer will win with everyone who is even a bit willing to change or form their opinions.

One should also avoid censoring because it is possible, that at some point, something the other side says might actually be a good as well, even if one strongly disagrees with other things they believe. Are animal rights, or investment in infrastructure, bad because Hitler believed in them?

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its not about who's right or wrong, its about free discussion and sharing of ideas and all that, lol.

i just gotta laugh at the part containing "violent nationalist propaganda". their words there is the real propaganda, supression of one's rights is the real violence.

with the first link, the chain is forged - Picard: drumhead trials

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I'm not really about right or wrong either, but I'm writing this for people who might and therefore, for the time being, have tweaked my terminology to fit better in to that worldview.

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The censorship Gab has faced from those in the Fediverse directly conflicts with the Four Essential Freedoms of Free Software which people in this community supposedly uphold. Most notably, censoring Gab goes against the first of these freedoms – “the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.”

How does F-droid not hosting the gab project oppose 'the freedom to run the program as you wish, for any purpose.'? You can still run it all the ways you would like it to run.

F-Droid is the one making use of the zeroth right: They choose to run their hosting service the way they like it.

The whole article seems to be written by someone looking up FOSS on wikipedia for 2 minutes and being frustrated that someone/group dares to have their own opinion (lol, free speech) about something.

Gab has responded to F-Droid’s decision by branding them as cowards and announcing plans to fork F-Droid’s repository.

Yeah they are total cowards for having their own opinion, boo!

The statement of F-droid is cut short in this analysis before it gets to:

We think, however, that one needs to differentiate between platforms and tools. By its very nature, free software by definition allows users “to study how the program works, and change it so it does your computing as you wish”. Because of this, any restriction implemented in free software is basically ineffective, because people can modify the source code and remove those restrictions. We respect Tusky’s decision to block mentioned website; it’s their right to introduce restrictions like these into their software. We also respect Fedilab’s decision not to hardcode a login block; instead they are actively working on making it easier to block certain domains in the app itself and thus giving users more power to moderate which content they’ll see. If people disagree with F-Droid’s decision not to flag Fedilab, a idea is to develop a decentralized tag system based on package IDs which allow third-party servers to share their own warnings with their community.

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F-droid failed the integrity test.

Gab said FORK YOU F-DROID!!!!