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Someone should make a bot that reposts all content from there to saidit.

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    Cool. Glad you can appreciate where I'm coming from.

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      Most of the posts on reddit are fine. You can already find every single thing that has been posted on saidit on reddit too. It's the culture that sucks, created by toxic people not unlike you. Give me the content, but fuck that culture of groupthink and censorship.

      That's not true at all, except the part about me being "toxic people" and reddit sucking ass.

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      /u/magnora7, would you be opposed to a bot that looks at the top posts from /r/all (excluding nsfw posts) in a fixed interval and posts them to a dedicated sub?

      No that'd be fine, but we might take it off the front page because it'd cause a lot of duplicates to end up appearing.

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      Please respect the pyramid of debate when on saidit.

      First warning.

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      You've already warned me at least once before. Don't lose count.

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      I'd like it if it was a bot account and if you add it as a mod or something it allowed you to repost from your subs reddit counterpart that way if you do own both the Subreddit and the Sub you can share the content to here and or if the Reddit counter part of your sub isn't to toxic/stupid you can forward it, that bot would be a good idea in some cases.