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Do you not realize everything on here goes to reddit?

It doesn't though. There might be some service that accesses reddit, but we've been working on the code 6 months to eliminate these things. What are you talking about specifically, so we can fix it?

What's wrong with linode?

If you want the site to improve then show me where the problems are specifically and explain why, so we can fix it

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u should put a line in hosts file that reads 127.1 that way is blocked. I do like the idea of putting a mining script on the site.. I did some testing on the server directly(went around cloudflare) and it has some issues, specifically with the SSL cert. You have Lets Encrpyt and Comodo. theres an entry point. And with linode your probably renting a vps, linode will shut you down. I do honestly think u guys did a great job cloning reddit, but run kali and pen test it... youll see what im talking about.

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Thanks for the feedback. I like your blocking idea, we'll do that.

How did you find the server ip? So Comodo certs are considered to be particularly insecure/compromised? One other user has brought that up too.

Can you recommend a Linode alternative? We are ready to migrate hosts at any time if we need to.

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Comodo is fine... But you have Lets encrypt installed directly on the actual server its showing me. 2 SSLs != good... I have messaged magnora, told him the IP, and everything. Dallas TX linode. Hostname... All that... Im not here to harm, here to help.