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by avoiding toxic policies from bankers and investors and advertisers. we ran this shit for 2 years for $50/mo. from kindly donators. now it's a little more expensive, but I think we can stay the course.

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Yeah but, are you treating it as a business or a hobby is the difference, innit... Do you want/need a paycheck in order to invest more time into marketing(at least time, if not actual money)...? If you had a well oiled team of internet dwellers( who'd act as mods on site as well) promoting you all across the internet, holy crap you could attract so many eyes here.... You could pay them in peanuts or shares even better. I envy your involvement in this startup...It's like a hobby meets a potential lucrative job...

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I'm just number two here so I can't really answer. Some advertising for the site off of the site would be cool. But having a marketing budget sounds like the road to Reddit.

You can certainly get involved too. We need lots of help.

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The internet so desperately needs non sjw, non censorship based forums, message boards...I don't think that situation has been this dire as far as free speech is concerned,,,ever... I think there are a number of ways and tricks of attracting users to join a site, but currently none are as powerful as photoshopping memes and putting the website name and url on them. So, when some eventually do end up viral on social sites, readers will follow the ad to check out where it comes from. You however need people that will make the memes and disseminate them, you need the committed backbone, just two guys might not be enough... I always look at Ice_Poseidon model as a recipe for success - four to five mods with below average PS skills, but printing fresh memes daily, aspiring other users to do the same and form a community of people who basically really enjoy satire and keep coming back to it all the time.

In a time of global censorship, satire is the last stand.

I understand your point about Reddit...They are way too popular, the beast has overtaken them long ago