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Stormfromt is a controlled opposition site pushing chaos magic and duginism.

Hitler was not a Frankist.

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    The Truth doesn't mean we need to support Hitler. Hitler was a Zionist agent who obtained his oratory skills from a freemasonic Jewish occultist.

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      The SS was not a Zionist organization though many were antisemitic Zionists and called for Jews to be transfered to Palestine. This was a goal of Herzl's Zionists who said we must befriend the antisemitics and 100 years before in Kabbalistic Jewish societies whom called for the Jewish diaspora to be moved to Israel at all costs. They said it would take a war to do such a thing. And when we take into account te large portion of transferred Jews to the east and the fact that that 6 million figure is an utter lie, not backed up by facts, we can conclude, that Hitler was an antisemitic Zionist. His library even had a book with the underlined words, "transfer Jews to palestine."

      When Germany fell and Hitler conducted many, blatant and what seemed like intentional military mistakes, he blamed the downfall of Germany on the German people.

      Secondly, he worked closely with Zionists in the World Zionist congress. Also, the Mossad was founded by a few former SS members.

      Hitler was not a Christian. That is obvious. He upheld private property unlike the communists to the east, but in many writings by nazis Christians were most hated and sometimes persecuted.

      Hitler also can be seen doing freemasonic handshkaes whochnis odd considering he banned many of the freemasonic lodges. His banker was a 33 degree freemason. The entire nazi party came from Thule and two freemasons who studied under rich occult Jews.

      Hitler was taught his speeches by of all people a Jewish occultist, which is quite odd.

      And when I say Hitler was a Zionist agent, I mean it only in the sense that he probably was an antisemitic Zionist, as the theosophical agenda permeated from the NSDAP. That he despised Jews and KNEW that the only way to rid of them in Germany was to transfer them to Palestine as Zionist always wanted, seemed like the only solution. Hence why hitler called Zionism"great" in his book Mein Kampf.

      He though Zionism was a lesser of two evils compared to Bolshevism.

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        Christcuckery and abrahamism need to get annihilated.

        Genocide of materialist filth and degeneracy is irrational?

        Advocating violence is against saidit rules. This is your first warning. Please read more here:

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        Herzl was a Zionist. I never said he was antisemitic, though some Jews feel he was based on his strong dislike for Jewish assimilation in the Jewish diaspora. He felt it necessary to USE ANTISEMITISM, and in his diaries he makes this quite clear, that antisemites and antisemitic regimes will be Zionists, Herzl's, best friends. Why? Because they are needed to emmigrate the Jewish diaspora to palestine, which was always the goal of Herzl's political Zionism and the cabalistic rabbis that came before him.

        Hitler was not a zionist. He probably planned on invading Israel after deporting the jews there. It was a temporary measure that did not include extreme measures.

        Yes, he was. Clearly, he was antisemitic. However, Zionism simply stands for, during Herzl's time and before him in the antisemitic theosophical secret societies, the pushing of Jews OUT OF GENTILE countries. Zionism advoated for Jews to be transferred to Palestine at all costs and by all means.

        Only later was its definition changed. Presently, and after WW2, Zionism does not simply stand for the transfer of Jews to Israel, which Hitler and the National Socialists did during the Havarra agreement (transfer agreement); Hitler working directly with Zionists at the World Zionist congress... that is a fact... but instead encompassed the new definition of protection and reestablishment of Jews in Palestine.

        So, yes you can be an antisemitic Zionist. And Hitler made it quite clear in 'Mein Kampf' that Zionism was a "great" Jewish ideology. It was the lesser of two evils. The other being judeo-Bolshevism. He worked directly with Zionists to emigrate Jews out of Germany in transfer camps. I know this because the majority were pushed east, towards Palestine and there was never a mass extermination program of Jews. The final solution was always Palestine and Hitler knew this and had it underlined in his library. Madagascar was another option but Hitler knew Herzl's Zionists wanted one thing only, the transfer of Jews to Palestine.


        He probably planned on invading Israel after deporting the jews there.

        There is absolutely no evidence for this claim.

        Holy shit, its schizo conspiracy theorists like you who serioously need to stop being autistic.

        Yeah, because that is totally a critical contention to why argument. Calling someone a schizo and autistic. It makes you look like a fool. Yes, in the beginnings of Mossad there were many ex-nazis. An ounce of research would illustrate this to you. Does that means, Mossad was 100% a Nazi creation? No.

        Good. Christcuckery and abrahamism need to get annihilated.

        So, you advocate genocide. Not a rational mind you have.

        so what? Occultism > spiritual enslavement(christcuckery).

        Because the founding of the DAP, and Thule was filled with theosophical occultists who worked closely with occultist Jews. That Hitler was trained in speeches by a Jewish occultist, is not the tiniest bit strange to you?

        ok, then why the random paragraph at the beginning?

        Because I thought you would have already known that Zionism can be many things, and was, before WW2. But its only goal was emigrating Jews to Palestine at all costs. Israel would not exist today if it were not for Hitler, Herzl, and the cabalistic, occultist Jews that advocated this same ideology 200 years prior.

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        So your soundbite is a stupid meme?