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definitely looks jewish. I always thought "were the germans stupid af back then?" not noticing that. Aren't aryans supposed to be blonde and blue eyes.

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A View From Space, With Gary Bell, 11/11/17 - removed from Canadian airwaves for that show- dead shortly afterward from Cancer

Here is a link to a file dump of every one of his shows - including the one that was simply the broadcast company saying "this show will not air due to racist remarks".

He said (and I feel presented an excellent case) in his final show - that Hitler was the bastard son of a chosen one.

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Going to have to research these claims. Thought it was interesting nonetheless.

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yes, i read elsewhere that h was poor, sleeping in the streets, before being used as a political puppet. idk how true is that. it might be the case that being one of many bastard sons of a rothschild might not automatically mean wealth and power.

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I think he was a legit opposition to the Rothschilds. Though, the Thule society started DAP, later NSDAP, Hitler was to spy on the society via German army intelligence.

Later he took over the society and later murdered many of its founders.

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Holy shit!!!

Edit: IDK. This one needs overwhelming evidence to support this claim.

This could explain his banking connections. Still....

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It's not true. Also, Corbett is a shill.

He made some good 9/11 videos, disregarding Lowy, Silverstein amd Dov Rabbi connections but presently, he claims, 9/11 truth has ended. Now I understand why this shill is still on YouTube.

Also, Hitler wasn't a Rothschild. He hated thr Rothschilds with a passion and closed down many of their banks.

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I was ignorant of all this at the time of posting this. Hitler had banking connections to the warburgs but only when he needed to rearm. The bankers really don't care who they fund, as long as the make a profit. If all the bankers refused to fund Nazi Germany, Germany might have fell to the USSR in 1940.

That being said he nationalized the reich banks for many years before privatizing it to aquire the necessary money via debt in funding rearmament.

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Corbett is a shill. I just watched him say that "9/11 truth doesn't really matter anymore, it won't get us anywhere, it is a ig nothing burger now."

Oh yeah, you know, when firefighters are nearing a supreme court hearing, the Hulsry wtc7 investigation, totally, nothing Corbett.

Holy shit, what a piece of crap.

Now I know why he is still up on YouTube.

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    What? This comment doesn't serve a purpose.

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      Oh it's not. Hitler wanted to create a state in which all germanic races became one. That included the British, Dutch, Norweigians, ethnic Germans, etc,. There was never anything about a so called master race though.

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        He wasn't. If he was why did he murder Freemasons, Jesuits and anyone else he was paranoid about who he thought were working with Jews. Why did he close down Rothschild banks in Germany?

        He was very much against the Rothschilds. In essence he was an ANTISEMITIC ZIONIST. He wanted Jews out of Germany and the quickest way to get them out was by equating the political lie of Zionism with the Jewish question. Of coirse it was only to get them out of Germany not to create some sort of ethnostate for Jews. The Nazis were toatlly foine with them moving there via the transfer agreement. In Dur Stuermer they made endless fun of the Zionists very much like BDS style comics. Not equating nazis with the BDS movement but thr similarities of their comics are Stunning. The Nazis saw what would happen with the creation of a Jewish ethnostate.

        Why do I say Hitler was an antisemitic Zionist. Because Zionism simply means a home for the Jewish people. He effectively creates this ethnostate but did not adhere to the beliefs of the non antisemitic Zionists.

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          Also, stop with the threats to kill millions of people. What is wrong with you. Nobody needs to be nuked, nobody.

          We need to combine forces with the remnants of the 3rd Reich

          No we don't.

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            Stick to the pyramid of debate or you're going to get banned. This isn't voat or reddit.

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            Source? I think you are making broad generalizations. The only thing I can find illustrating connections to the Rothschilds is the Transfer agreement (Haavara). The Balfour Declaration of ethnostate for Jews in Israel was back in WW1 written by Lord Rothschild. Jewish emmigration in the 30's due to persecution was in part the solution to the suppssed national socialist Jewish question. I have however, discovered a connection from past readings concerning the national socialst and zionist goals of ethnostates. They both had very similar nationalistic, race related, non-intermarriage ideologies.

            The World Zionist Organization did work closely with the nazis to transfer Jews to Israel. However, national socialists had a great distaste for communists, especialy bolsheviks, the majority happening to be atheistical Jews. All that becomes clear after reading the banned book, 200 years together. The Soviet Union in fact had a distaste and utter hatred at time for Zionism but not what some call Jewish bolshevism.

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              Stormfromt is a controlled opposition site pushing chaos magic and duginism.

              Hitler was not a Frankist.

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                The Truth doesn't mean we need to support Hitler. Hitler was a Zionist agent who obtained his oratory skills from a freemasonic Jewish occultist.