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Oooh close call. I know a hot Nazi chick who runs a tattoo parlor but it's in Delaware.

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give me the shop name

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Dirty Doris's Ink Parade

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Bro I thought you were dating some cute black chick, what happened? For real, it seemed like you were doing well.

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I stopped talking to her. She chose her mom over the date. She lives 2hrs away. I literally planned a date a 2hr drive away at a restaurant that costs $80 per person. By the time I spent gas money to get there, I'd have spent $200 on a first date with a chick that's fat. If I'm dropping $200 on a chick she'd better either be in-weight or have the bombest fucking nails i've ever seen.

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She chose her mom over the date

Wasn't it Mother's Day lol?

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it just pisses me of because if the USA wasn't a third world country, I wouldn't have to pretend to want to date someone. I just want 30min with a woman's hands. But because the USA is a third world country and prostitution is illegal, I've got to either blow a 1k on a trip to Mexico or up to $800 pretending to want to date a chick so I can get to a moment where I suggest she gets her nails done and she agrees to do it and I get to check out her hands IRL once they're done.

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What if you tied me up in your basement?