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"The outbreak is threatening all the progress that was made toward freeing gay men to have sex without fear."

I, for one, am glad we dedicated billions and irreplaceable scientific talent towards the goal of letting homos have sex with 20 men in a night and not have to use condoms. What a great use of society's resources!

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Shit makes my blood boil. I thought this was all about "love"? Remember: love is love.

Any complex system with a high number of interactions is going to select for properties that are most easily magnified by those interactions. In other words, you can use PrEP as a barrier to HIV infection, vaccinate away the MPX, but if you're participating in a culture where 20+ hookups a month are the norm, then you're going to encounter some other unpleasant or even lethal pathogen. That's what pathogens do, they find the best way to propagate themselves. Gay orgies represent excellent opportunities for microbes.

Imma quote the Bible, not because I believe it is the literal word of God, but rather because it provides an interesting historical perspective. Romans 1:27: In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. In other words, this shit was happening 2000 years ago, with the same natural laws governing the behavior of complex systems, and people still have not learned to keep their dick in their pants.

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What risk bro?

In the US 7500 cases and zero deaths. The dems know they can trick conservatives into supporting their stupid vaccines and fake viruses by riling you up about fags. Don't be a tool of the WEF

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fake viruses

Monkeypox is quite real. However it's only spread by gays who can't stop having sex with dozens of other men for 15 days. If they did, this epidemic would quickly end. But it keeps spreading.

Where is the WEF on this? I haven't heard a peep. This sounds like deliberate disinformation. Do you work for a social media influencer company? Did your software alert you to this post so you could come write something?

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you couldn't be more wrong. Conservatives are done with vaccines. There are no tricks to be made any more. They will have to pin me down to get another jab of anything.

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Viral pandemics are undeniable

...unlike God, who is routinely denied by the degenerates

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People who aren't Christians, just stop invoking the name of God.

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I realized in that moment how lucky I am to have a gay doctor’s office to take my body and my feelings seriously. And I realized how angry I was that, for the third time in my life, a viral pandemic was dictating my sex life, shaping my professional life, messing with my head, and keeping me from experiencing intimacy.

Such bullshit. I'm a gay man and I have no fear, no obstacle to "experiencing intimacy". Want to know why? Because I "experience intimacy" with my same-sex spouse in the context of a long-term monogamous relationship. In fact, the quality of the intimacy that I experience far exceeds anything I experienced when I was single and free to have sex with whomever. You know what really keeps gay men from experiencing intimacy? Fucking around constantly.

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Good for you, but most homos want to have sex with dozens of men a week.

This whole epidemic could be halted if you people could stop having sex with strangers for 15 days. But you can't. So this disease will likely spread to the rest of us. Yay.

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It's maybe 50-50, you just don't hear about those of us who stay at home. But I'll grant you that the other 50% are degenerate.

I don't think it will spread outside select populations, because it's functionally sexually transmitted. But the other 50% don't want to admit that because it would mean facing their degeneracy.