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I like superhero movies.

I also like that someone else is still using the word retarded.

Protracted conversations about superfluous movies is also retarded.

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Superfluous and retarded.

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The illusion has worn off on myself. I at one time really enjoyed the super hero movie genre. I thought is was cool to see my favorite hero’s get some screen time. Then I started developing interests beyond the hero flicks, but everyone I would talk to on a regular was still talking about the “movie” I would find myself everywhere hearing about the “movie”. It was incredible because it left no space to talk about anything else. The plots are so watered down and the film just wants to please everyone. It blows my mind that you could have a 45minute conversation on why a character is fat instead of thin.

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It promotes a very simple worldview "good or bad",the moral standard of kids in the kindergarten.

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And I think it also promotes the idea that we should wait for heros to save us, rather than doing the work to improve the world ourselves.

It also promotes the idea you need fantastical superpowers to be able to accomplish important things, which is disempowering to an average person.

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Agree. I think it promotes the idea of depopulation by this mental shit as well.

(I can't bear to see the Avengers 3 more than 10 minutes,but everyone talking about him recently,that's how I know it.)

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I think it promotes the idea of depopulation by this mental shit as well.

Good point. This is predictive programming.

Edit: Added the predictive programming link

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I don't think this is a good point,even a conspiracy,it's too easy to notice what they want to promote,they even don't bother to use metaphor.

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That villain character told everyone he wants the depopulation.

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Yes. It's overt.

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Isn't he the villain? Why would that promote it?

(I can't bear to see the Avengers 3 more than 10 minutes,but everyone talking about him recently,that's how I know it.)

Same with me. I tend to avoid watching payed movies at all as a result of trying to avoid pirating them, but people just won't, stop, talking about this guy! Also, I never really liked super hero movies in the first place. Now everyone is talking about this "Endgame" thing, which I think is different from the Thanos one (?), and is apparently not referring to Endgame: Singularity (the open source video game).

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He is the villain,but villains can have fans as well. You can't setup a character want to depopulation without being a villain.

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You can't setup a character want to depopulation without being a villain.

Unless the goal is to create a sympathetic audience.

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But the sympathetic audiences are the target of depopulation.

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It's also a nod and a wink to their globalist depopulation cohorts.

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I’ve always been a big movie guy.. but now they are all chock full of propaganda pushing the globalist, anti white male, lgbt, bullshit agenda to the point that I can’t even enjoy them anymore😒 it’s a shame.

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LOL reality with that progressive slant again, huh.
it must suck when everything doesn't cater to you.

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A blanket hate thread against a movie genre? I hate them too! The whole idea of building naratives around people who can shoot claws out of their fists or throw a magical hammer seems very lazy. Have problems? Just use magic you fool! Millions of American movie goers enaging is escapist fantasies, paying less attention to something like having the Worst President in American History at the helm using our Constitution like a roll of toilet paper, abuses of the poor, absuses by the rich, and instead they're focusing instead on fake super heroes that save the world from fake threats, munching on candy, sipping on soda, and a certainty that good will prevail. How pacifying it is, and utterly disconnected from reality.

And then there's the movies themselves. No matter the super power, the good guys and bad guys always get punched hard enough to fly a hundred yards and crack a concrete wall. The color pallettes are always that garish blue and orange. And the three part story ark never changes, or maybe four: action packed introduction, then some villain appears and does something very bad, the hero goes after the villain and fails the first time, the hero learns from his/her mistake and finishes the job the second time, roll credits. How do audiences not get sick of seeing this routive over and over and over?

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I often wonder how can someone rich as the "Iron man" could be a superhero.

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In a culture that values wealth, rich people are admired, while the problems they cause are blamed on the victims.

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Batman was also wealthy. You need resources to manufacture premium gadgets.

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So the Batman don't give a damn about the poverty problem in his city but use his wealth to buy fancy gadgets to beat gangs for make himself feels better.

That's why I dislike these "HREOS".

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It's interesting that Batman focused on criminal injustice, and conveniently ignored economic injustice.

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  1. He has the vested interests of economy.

  2. His parents die for criminal injustice ,focused on it make himself feel better.

That's why I don't like batman and ironman.

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A blanket hate thread against a movie genre?

I think the main problem is the majority of the movies in the genre rather than the genre itself.

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Infantilization of modern society requires the constant bombardment of shitty superhero franchises.

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Watchmen is a good superhero movie (and HBO is making a serie... though I'm not too hyped for that).

Doom Patrol is a Superhero serie which is very nice.

With nice I mean that there is more to the story than just 'goody defeats baddy and get the thingie from the baddy'.

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Seconded. Watchmen is the only superhero movie I have liked, unless Birdman counts.

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Birdman is a nice watch indeed, also because he was Batman but definitely entertaining!

I think you'ld like Doom Patrol, It bears resembles to Alan Moore's works and it features FLEX MENTALLO (semi-half spoiler, not really, because well... because he's just in it and this doesn't give away the plot or anything, but, if you know FLEX you know how Meta it will get, which is good!) [Also Timothy Dalton, he's the best bond!] Tomorrow is the final IIRC, the whole story (up till now) is gnostic as Fuggg! And great cinematography.

I forgot to mention Legion (Season 2 ended wildly and 3 is coming up! {and that''s the final season so it's closure, a story well told is better than one stretched out}}) It's a X-men spin off but about mental problems and well, even if you don't know english it's a great watch but the story is also nice.)

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Dude thanks. I was already interested in Doom Patrol based on you liking Watchmen. It's in my queue!

I will also check out Legion and I want to check out that crazy anime shit with the Vatican dude vs. the other dude.. that double punch one.

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Hellsing Ultimate (be sure of the ultimate, there was another anime but ended/cancelled, the ultimate is a revival and over over the top, in a nice good way and has an ending).

Also for Crazy Vatican shizzle; The Young Pope is a great watch (and hopefully the new )

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get the thingie

Specifically, what is called a "MacGuffin".

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Just got to be smarter than the program being viewed; which is unfortunately lacking something many aren't. What I really hate, is most tv shows are cops, agents, super agents, cops under cover, cops, and did I mention cops of some flavor, or sort?! lol

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Is that what tv is like now? I am a cordcutter and have been for years, so I never watch tv, but I wouldn't have guessed that cop shows would've made a comeback.

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I think a great deal of it is cop, or govt agent related.

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This sounds like a stereotype of the type of blind "sheep" who watch TV constantly watching government propaganda.

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I want to watch a program that showing a black person beat by cops just because he is black...

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Hmmm, youtube, or worldstarhiphop; you'll find cops, and others beating the crap out of each other, and more!

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Youtube and worldstarhiphop are not TV program.

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I think you're right, I watch those instead of tv though, my bad.

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Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

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That's a pretty broad statement. Do you specifically mean Marvel, DC, both, or any movie that has characters with super-human powers? Do you also hate vampires and aliens? What kind of movies do you like and want more of?

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Superheros of Marvel and DC.

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Superhero comics historically were wish fulfillment fantasies for young boys. They've expanded to wider audiences since, but they are still very simple stories. I'll always love Spider-Man and Iron Man as characters, and the movies were great for a few years, but I've outgrown those simple stories. There are much better written comics which will never get movies.

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Marvel bastardized ancient gods to create their characters. They literally just stole Thor and the whole of Norse mythology and made it just made it another part of their shitty universe that has so many plot holes it only works if you imagine it as a multiverse.

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Still better than the "Fate stay night" series ,they use historical figures and ancient gods to create a porn game series. And I think most their fans are mentals...they believe the worldview of the shit game is somehow real.

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I've only seen a couple of them since I have never really been a fan of the genre. What is it specifically that you think is so retarded about them?

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for me it's the repeat formula. introduce hero. introduce villan doing bad to innocent/kill hero's family member. fight villan and discovers he's too strong. lose fight/ fake-out death. redemption fight/ sike not dead. win fight. hero monologue. its the same formula on all of them just with different characters.

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The whole thing.

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I can tell you’ve given this a great deal of thought.

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i was just thinking about how some1 relates to a certain "Super"hero,i thought-but my mind is facktup, so good change its bullshit-peope who have had a good life prob.related to smart Superhero`s and weak(sick/physical weak) people maybe to strong super heroes like Superman,and poor people/or people with crap life maybe more related to cartoon like

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I agree with this. our "culture" loves superheros and superficial people.

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Superficial things too.

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I loved them for a while, it was like my childhood coming back to life, but I'm getting tired of them now. Hellboy was the first one I didn't bother to see in the theater, and I'll be skipping X-Men: Dark Phoenix as well.

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yeah, theyre pretty dumb and boring, I know they could be good and why people like them but in general I dont think theyre worthy enough, would watch some of them for the fun

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Just boring really, I guess some of them are entertaining as comedies and the others are just mediocre but otherwise it's just a meh category for me, I could understand why some people like em though