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But the downside is by writing like a shit for brains retard, you start thinking like a shit for brains retard and actually become a shit for brains retard.

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Looks like your one or the reddit shit for brais.

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And don't use tor or you'll get autobanned, if you can even get past the 10000 captcha screens that are rigged to fail.

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See there's a easy way around the ban if you can't crack wifi passwords, Head over to any busniss that has free wifi and create as many accounts as you like, back home use a VPN to log in. I have a starfucks down the street and right next door is a waba grill. I order aome food and while enjoying the food I use starfucks wifi. Could use a public library also.

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It's trickier than that. You're able to use an account with tor for a day or two, but then it gets shadowbanned, and often manually suspended for no reason or even "chucked". I think you'd have to have some activity solely on another wifi for a good while before you can use tor. Even then you're on thin ice, because in reality they want to ban tor but don't want to admit it.

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The user name I'm using is 10 days old, I created a list of accounts using free wifi and at home log in and no worries. Only time a account get's banned is when someone reports me for some rule violation. Just a short time ago someone called me an ass wipe, I replied with have a great day. I suspect the username I linked will get banned in a few days as I suspect the commenter will report me and the mods will look at the IP address.

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Wow! It's a pleasure for me to hear your story. Unfortunately. it did not happen with my Reddit super mario game account.