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Mnemonic. You're a insightful individual. Most of your posts are spot on.

Unfortunately, Vice is bunkum bullshit.

Sure. The Russian state media was fooled for a bit, or stupid for assuming the robot costume was a real robot. The reporter liked the robot costume dancing. He's also stupid.

Still, why is this news? And why would give report on this?
It's a crap hit on Russia state news. Except, not even the Russians are fooled by their state tv. So what's the point? The point is Russian ridicule, because of state Dept aggression with Russia. Undermine reporting by Russia for stupid crap, to later undermine decent reporting on actual on US crimes that Vice definitely will not report.

Vice was great about 6 or seven years ago. Then Shane from marketing took over, and totally sold out. Sold out hard. Over night.

Two personal Interviews with Obama? No president has two unless the question is are vetted; meaning it's a fake interview, from sell out Vice media.

He's some questions that every American deserves answers to from Obama: *Why have you prosecuted more journalist than all other presidents combined?
*Why did you assassinate two American citizens with extra-judicial drone strikes?
*Since you're a constitutional lawyer, what gives the president the constitutional right to commit extrajudicial assassinations; given every single drone strike is an execution without a judge, or a trial.

When Vice demonstrates journalists integrity then it deserves credit. Instead, I get an article about the idiot Russian media and a robot costume. Which actually is funny. But crap journalism.

Vice isn't state run, and they pander to the Democrats as badly, or worse than the Russian (unless it's about Trump).

There is one fundamental difference between Russian state media, and Vice media.
At least the Russian media could conceivably make the case for their actions, for fear of reprisal.
The only conceivable excuse Vice media could make for their actions, is for cowardice.

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I posted the Vice piece because it had the video and the images of the neck and was accessible without allowing external js.

As you can see it was all over.

Though I (mostly) agree with your rant about Vice, it can easily be applied to every MSM outlet.

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Though I (mostly) agree with your rant about Vice, it can easily be applied to every MSM outlet.

I'm certain that you are more discerning than most. Modding for a media analysis sub, and all. Unfortunately, most people don't have time to spend thinking about what they're being shown, and the framing of the info.

Vice is diabolical enough to mislead the public by being perceived as hipster, and rebelling against the system. They rock beards, trendy clothing, smoke weed, interview drug users, etc.

This fools most people into assuming that they are more honest and hard-hitting in their journalistic approach.

They went over the top by reportedly being "imbedded with ISIS", which reinforces the theory that ISIS a CIA/State Dept operation. That's the modern media equivalent of astronauts supposedly playing golf "on the moon".

Vice News: A "liberal" version of Alex Jones.

Controlled opposition at it's finest.

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According to the Guardian, the organizers behind that massive robotics forum weren't actually trying to fake an unbelievable technological advance—they were just trying to make STEM seem fun to the 500 schoolchildren who were reportedly in the audience. Still, the footage really makes it seem like the anchors think "Boris" is a bonafide android.

Edit: So in a media analysis context, what does the headline say about Vice News journalistic integrity? Just another 'Russia= Bad' hit piece from the State Dept puppets at Vice State News.

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From earlier in the article:

According to the Russian news site Meduza, state news channel Rossiya 24 ran a video in which they described "Boris the Robot" as "one of the most advanced robots in the world"—and reportedly took the thing down once they realized "Boris" was just some cosplayer, though it's now back online. On Tuesday, the network posted a glowing video of Boris's demonstration at the Proektoriya youth tech forum, in which an anchor reportedly says, “Robot Boris has already learned to dance, and he’s not that bad.”