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I came here straight from Voat. Two ongoing arguments with other Voat users: 1) Whether a 14 year old who slept with 12 men or so in a year qualifies as a "whore" or was sexually abused, and 2) Whether all women are evil sexual tricksters or not.

That's pretty much the level of most Voat discussion. It seems like Voat's creator understands the problem, but they're stuck in a kind of feedback loop with Reddit now, wherein those purged from Reddit seek out that site.

I feel like the only way to make a site like that an authentic alternative to Reddit is to engage with it, so I do. I have to limit these engagements to a few minutes a day, but hey, it's something to do. Why not troll the trolls? It's not like I give much of a fuck about people with obviously retarded opinions!