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I came here straight from Voat. Two ongoing arguments with other Voat users: 1) Whether a 14 year old who slept with 12 men or so in a year qualifies as a "whore" or was sexually abused, and 2) Whether all women are evil sexual tricksters or not.

That's pretty much the level of most Voat discussion. It seems like Voat's creator understands the problem, but they're stuck in a kind of feedback loop with Reddit now, wherein those purged from Reddit seek out that site.

I feel like the only way to make a site like that an authentic alternative to Reddit is to engage with it, so I do. I have to limit these engagements to a few minutes a day, but hey, it's something to do. Why not troll the trolls? It's not like I give much of a fuck about people with obviously retarded opinions!

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I'd use them more if their search function actually worked. Reddits isn't much better

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I like the way he describes how the fringe elements are attracted to voat because the PC stuff still discussed on reddit by-and-large. I think this bit is extremely accurate.

He then suggests a clone of reddit will never succeed, despite voat being in the top #6k websites in the world.

He then says if the only change is a policy change, then this is insufficient to "succeed". And his proposed solution to this is to give users control of the policy change? But I thought he just said that policy changes simply aren't enough to succeed?

He's contradicting himself. This could be a real sink-or-swim decision for voat.

Can you imagine the vote gaming and manipulation that will occur once the site policy rules are able to be voted on by heavily motivated users (who can create infinite fake accounts)? It could wreck voat in a matter of months or less.

But if he does it right, it could work. But I don't know what that would look like to do this in a way that won't be hijacked. I think voat might be shooting itself in the foot with this move, despite the good intentions. This will be like the decaying mod situation on reddit, but now accelerated to the site-wide admin level. I don't see it working out well, especially considering the quality of the userbase of voat.

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What a nebulous announcement. I think I gleaned that they will allow users to vote out mods, and maybe other stuff, but it's not implemented yet.

So he's saying the site is too alt right and he wants to fix it? He wants more normie stuff so people will use voat full time?

It is weird he talks about success when the site appears to be successful. It's also weird that their user base puts up with a single somewhat checked out admin. I'd figure they'd want to fork and get a passionate admin team going.

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Yeah I agree. I think perhaps his subtext here is "I don't want to run this anymore because I'm tired of doing it even though I love the place, so I'm going to give you all responsibility as a final experiment so I can walk away from this hate site that will soon become flaming wreckage and then be able to blame its failure entirely on the users."

At least, that's the vibe I get from it. He seems to be considering "success" this ever-higher thing. If saidit was #6k, I would be happy leaving it as-is. But it seems he doesn't like how toxic the site is (who would) so he's just handing control over to the toxic users to let them drive the car in to a wall because he's sick of driving it, and sick of what it's become.

It's a very odd announcement, that's for sure. If he follows through, it'll be a big change for voat. For better or for worse. And unless he has some trick up his sleeve, it seems inevitable that handing control to a largely-toxic userbase is going to result in toxic mods and admins very quickly. I think then it'll literally just become a stormfront page, and any sane users will leave.

I really have trouble imaging this going any other way, but perhaps he's figured out some clever system that will preserve the status quo for a while. I have trouble imaging things improving though.

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From the sounds of it, it kind of seems like he's just sick of the community. Which is understandable the site will never become main stream as the whole site right now is jut a bigotry circlejerk.

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yeah that sounds about right. quite bizarre. but this is coming from the guy who let the site be down for half a week or a week because he had better things to do.

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Yeah exactly, he's clearly a bit checked-out. I think this is his way of bowing out gracefully.

[–]d3rr 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children) just came out, maybe that's their future.

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No, that's a hypocritical site saying they allow free speech then have rules blocking that free speech. The site admins are also asses stuck on backstupid lol

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oh good to know. I guess voaters are at risk of being homeless then.

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yea, theres users (including me) callin him out on the doublespeak, and he's callin them faggots n shit. or saying they support pedophiles, lmfao. im no sjw, but i reported him for the lulz :)