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Once you abandon the "young Earth" mindset, you can look at certain things in a different light. Egypt has some artifacts created with technology at our level or better.

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I've taken that into account. They didn't really require more technology; it was more about more effort going into making the things. We couldn't create those artefacts with our current level of technology quickly enough for us to not get bored.

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So, the attributes of an advanced civilization: plastic technology and a short attention span.
The word 'plastic' means changeable, by the way. Our plastic technology is approximately 100 years old. plastics deform easily - relatively low heat deforms them. grease reacts with tupperware. Hard plastics are brittle, shatter easily. If an ancient civilization had invented DVDs, and Medieval people found one, would they have any idea how to read it?

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The word 'plastic' means changeable, by the way.

Ok. Hydrocarbon-based polymers.

If an ancient civilisation had invented DVDs, and Medieval people found one, would they have any idea how to read it?

No, but they'd probably cotton on pretty quickly that it was made of something they didn't recognise. Then they'd probably give it to children to play with as a Frisbee, or just discard it, or possibly keep it as a trinket for a few years.

Where are you going with this?

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Perhaps something similar has been discovered, and we have no idea what it really is.

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and we have no idea what it really is.

It's likely that someone nowadays would post it on the web, and people would share it if it was strange.

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Probably people do, but there are so many people on the web nowadays, and so many drooling idiots, so many insane kooks, so much make-believe, etc... And also, so much suppression and censorship, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of things like you mention DO get posted on the web, only to get ridiculed and shut down.

And we never get to hear about them. After all, the likelihood of the individual finding something special being a member of Saidit is fairly low.

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Given places like the /r/whatisthisthing subreddit exist, I don't think this sort of thing would go unnoticed.