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Lol - After the disastrous Fox News interview, the entire sub fell into chaos. If you havent seen the interview, you can view it here: Jessie Watters takes on the one who operates the Anti Work Group This post highlights exactly why the sub is now effectively dead

“Sorry” doesn’t cut it - mods are not leaders of this sub (self.antiwork) submitted an hour ago by Inevitable-Currents19317& 27 more Moderation team are not content creators, are not developers of a video game we’re on, or not authors of some book that we’re all reading You have no power here. You can modify comments you can delete comments you can delete threads and that is the extent of the power that you hold as a moderator That is not said to attack you but that is said to remind you that you should have no influence over this sub - and if you are having influence over the sub then there is something immensely wrong I can’t believe how painfully ironic it is that you have some authority and you exerted it incorrectly and then immediately refused to acknowledge it or correct it on this sub which is literally dedicated to holding those who do exactly what you did accountable How can you possibly be that blind to this painful irony?

[–]CP_2077wasok 2876 points an hour ago* Countdown to [removed] Edit: I guess we have at least 1 mod with a spine since this post ended up a sticky Edit 2: Aaaand it's unstickied Edit 3: Sammyd234 was banned for this thread My post has 2.5k upvotes, broke no rules, and I was just banned. Can't even reply to you. Can you mention that the author was banned on the post?