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We were all noobs once. Just ask, ignore the jerks, and keep on truckin'.

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Disregard my other comment. I found this tutorial on YT on how to install plugins for OBS flatpack version on Linux Mint.

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Let me know if it works. From what I can tell it's just a matter of copying the plugin file( in OBS's plugin folder located in ''/var''.

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Is Linux good for streaming?

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Well it's a lightweight operating system on which pretty much everything runs better than windoze. I've been wanting to get a grip on Linux in order to get rid of the Microsoft spyware.

The issue arose when the older hardware I wanted to use for my streaming PC wasn't supported by modern Windoze (win10). The best games streaming setups use one PC for playing the game, and one for encoding the stream, which is a very demanding process. There are graphics cards that do this very well without penalizing the gameplay, though. So it depends.

Anyway, in my case, the hardware is from 2012 (i7 3770K, 16gb of DDR3) with a GTX 1060 gb which technically still CAN play most games, just not in high details. It is however, pretty good at encoding streams. By comparison my Radeon VII is a much more powerful gaming card, although it is poor at encoding streams. I thought I'd be golden with my monster CPU in my gaming PC for encoding the stream (Ryzen 9 5950X 16-core, 32 threads, 4.7 Ghz) but it seems not. Well for many games it does a wonderful job, but then there are exceptions. Some of which I very much want to stream.

So anyway, I've decided to go the two PC route, but the older hardware not supporting anything past Windows 8, the only solution is LINUX. I have zero idea what I'm doing however. I just know that once I get the streaming going, I will poke around in the OS enough to get a decent grip on it and then switch my main box over to GLORIOUS LINUX !!!

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I have an i5-2550 laptop from 2010. Windows 10 runs on it like trying to walk through ankle deep muck. Linux works pretty well on it.

I use an even older i3 (3 digit CPU ID) with an nVidia graphics card to play videos and stream youtube. Works just fine.

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    You know, for an ultra-noob like me, being directed to a website like this without any additional information is bound to only result in more questions. Still, thank you for your reply.

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    Flatpak is pre-installed as part of the Mint build I have. I still don't know what to do. I can't extract the compressed folder that the plugin comes inside of, into the directory it should occupy in the OBS subfolders tree.

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    Thank you, but I'm still not any closer to installing the plugin!

    /me cries

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    Wow so I am freaking out right now... Nothing was working, so I reformatted my drives and reinstalled Linux Mint (latest version).

    Then I ran the driver updater and updated my GeForce drivers;

    Then I ran the Linux Mint auto-update;

    Then I installed OBS 29 for Linux, and that worked fine;

    Then I installed Teleport for OBS. It's very simple: in the console, I typed sh [path]/ and the system responded with something like "Installed Lightning-OBS in [OBS/plugins/] directory.

    Then upon firing up OBS, no sign of teleport whatsover.

    Then I uninstalled OBS 29 and downloaded OBS 27 instead. Installed that, installed the Lightning plugin, and...

    Now "Lightning" appears in the tools menu but when I click on that, the menu unveils "There are no parameters for this" or something like that. Well, the release notes say this version of Lightning requires version 28 or above.

    So I go looking for OBS 28 for Linux and... I can't find it at all.

    I'm going nuts here, please help!