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Ancap = you can't run a small business because all the corporations buy up and destroy all the competition, as well as outlawing it by regulatory capture... if you let big money do whatever they want, you get less freedom for small business, not more. Just look at the industrial revolution.

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because all the corporations buy up and destroy all the competition, as well as outlawing it by regulatory capture

This won't occur in a libertarian society because it's based on natural law and property rights. There is no monopoly without government intervention

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If the government exists, big money will buy it. Why wouldn't they? What's to stop them? This is the thing Ancaps never can fully address.

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What's to stop them?

Just stop to pass regulations on business

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So your solution is to have giant corporations be completely unregulated?

I think we saw how that went wrong in the 1800s, we already tried that...

I agree less regulation would probably be good, especially due to regulatory capture being so common. But zero regulation is just as foolish as tons of regulation. Zero regulation just means companies do whatever they want, set up their own governments, etc. Eventually the normal government would become obsolete and a corporate government that's more powerful would take over, would it not? Then we'd be right back where we started.

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Without regulations corporations aren't protected by the government, so consumer choices will be mandatory

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Without regulations, corporations are free to literally destroy their competition, so the most ruthless and largest corporations with armies literally can destroy the rest

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The corporatocracy is the true threat to humanity.