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No worries. It was an interesting read. To my knowledge I don't have any Jewish ancestry, and I was raised by non-religious parents, I'm an ex-atheist but converted to Catholicism in 2017, so what I know about Judaism is from research and scripture. But being an outsider looking in isn't the same as being Jewish, so I didn't want to make any statements on her, other than that inconsistency. I'm not sure if she went through any process of conversion, but then again I am not looking through her entire Tiktok she has posted consistently for years (kind of impressive tbh). What I've seen was her saying she has Christian parents a family, so I guess she converted since I know that the Jewish lineage is passed on through the mother, but then she made videos on hating religion so 🤷‍♀️she made videos on Anti-Semitism, but in another she talks about making offensive Jewish jokes and then getting mad at her friends for laughing at them lol

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You converted to Catholicism after growing up non-religious? That sounds like a really interesting journey.

This girl sounds like a train wreck.