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The admins basically take any mention of the topic as endorsement or calling for the event itself. It's no deeper than that.

They aren't interested in checking if any particular mention is either of those things, so the entire topic has to go because it's simpler for them that way.

To be fair, there absolutely are idiots out there hoping for a war. They likely aren't confined to one side of politics either, as there are just as likely to be far right nutjobs out there salivating for the chance to force the changes they want at the point of a gun just as surely as there are far left nutjobs out there right now, writing marx quotes on buildings they're burning down, trying to turn the current unrest into the revolution, no matter how many people's lives or livelyhoods they have to destroy to get it.

The best we can hope for is that both groups of idiots are as rare and as inept as they seem to be, no matter the reddit admins jumping at shadows.

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I don't see it as a civil war, per say. I think we're going to be involved in a one sided battle with domestic radicals for an indeterminate amount of time.

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Not a chance of a Civil War.

I don't think you all understand that this shit isn't going to be seen as a powerful conflict between massive political power-blocks. This is just the Leftist Establishment Bubble popping. This is it's deflation.

Serious Unrest? Sure.

1968? Nope.

1861? Absolutely not.

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New York noped out of it, sent the police out in force and the "peaceful protesters" only managed to burn one van. Surprisingly, Newark, NJ didn't have any riots either; not sure if that's because the city kept it under control or just no one considers Newark worth burning any more.

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New York really can't riot considering it's a fucking police state with a police department that is effectively a paramilitary police force. They know better to even think of letting something like that start up. They gotta smash any possible incitement down as hard as they can.

I still expect New York to potentially depopulate a little bit in the coming decade as the country's politics and establishment lurches rightward towards more classical liberalism, but unless the financial sector collapses, I don't expect riots.

That being said, I'm expecting the petro-dollar to collapse so that could still happen.

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You won't see uniformed armies in the field. What you will see is Antifa trying to mob up and do their thing somewhere, and then, suddenly, a few of them spout brand new, non OEM holes in their heads.

There are numerous ways to fuck with the left, they have not seen it yet because the right has the patience of Job. Until they don't

They are reaching for the light switch. Heaven help them if that switch gets thrown.

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The war is already here. It began as soon as the Antifa terrorists set up their no-go zone in Portland a year or so ago.

So far the SJWs are pretty much the only side shooting. I do not expect or want that to remain true.

Our country's various police and military commands need to decide, now, which side they are on, so we can know whom to rely on. They will not be able to sit this out -- or if they do, whoever wins will likely get rid of them as useless.

I do not want to have to do their job. The police are supposed to defend us, not the other way 'round.

Funny how Beverly Hills was the one place that did a really good job of closing it down hard.