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Nice job naming names. Good list for further research.

Can we really label Trump as a Jesuit when he and his dad were very Jewish friendly and Trump has/had a personal Khaballah mentor? Tip of the iceberg, I could go on..

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To be a real Jesuit someone must first be a Catholic priest and then take the extreme Jesuit oath, that is very interesting in itself. All this is according to my friend who went through high school in Catholic schools. I do not claim to be an expert by any means but the oath allows Jesuits to lie and be all things to all men. It is only a few pages and really helps you understand what they are up to.

I got carried away with that list but it does show how well-placed only Georgetown grads are around the world.

I will see if I can find the oath and link it below. Possibly I made a few enemies with the Jews Don't Run America post.

Here is the oath: Note that this is the extreme version of the oath for high-level Jesuits. There may be other versions.

They are told to infiltrate Protestantism (that Jesuits vow to destroy), and when necessary to pose as Jews or a member of any group because "the end justifies the means."

Their goal is power, total power, and they promise, in the oath, to give their lives for the Jesuit goal.

One of their goals is to destroy America. Yes. Another is to destroy or at least modify the King James Bible and they have been somewhat successful with the new, modern versions of the Bible you must have seen. They want to cut Jesus out of the bible.

Even Napoleon warned against them.

Tacked on thought: High-level Masons work very closely with Jesuits, sometimes, not always. Do you remember Chertoff who was the first top guy in the DHS? He was a dual-passport Israeli but also a Knight of Malta, a Catholic organization. Go figure. The Jesuits and Jews are very incestuous, maybe in more than one sense.

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If masons work with Jesuits then both are likely crypto-Jewish fronts. Freemasonary is filled with Kabbalah rituals and many references to the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple.

No way in the world real Christians would want to take out Jesus from the bible. Apostate Jews and Luciferians certainly would.

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Jesuits are not real Christians. Thus we see the IHS logo on their coat of arms and on the pope's coat of arms. IHS goes back to Babylonia and Egypt. We are dealing with an ancient evil that predates Christianity by centuries...millennia. A recent dig uncovered an ancient Temple of Horus under the City of London. Jesuits are pagan.

May I repeat an old joke here but nothing personal intended:

Jesus is coming back but this time he is really pissed off.

I'm not attacking you; we're working together to figure this out.

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Did it start in Heliopolis? That's where all the mystery religions came from it seems.

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Interesting, Chertoff was in the Knight of Malta? Isn't he Jewish and a neoconservative?

Source for this? I need a source because I'm writing something on the CFR membership and Chertoff is one of a few thousand members. I'm writing small profiles on them.

Also, the knights of malta have connections with swiss intelligence, basically every powerful institution amd secret society does. For instance, Dominic Suter, the owner of URBAN Moving Systems, a Mossad front caught celebrating 9/11, later fled to Israel and is now in the Swiss army. I looked at his profile and interestinly, now scrubbed, but I got the pictures saved locally and a high censored video called, 'Is this a 9/11 suspect' illustrates that he was in swiss army intelligence in the 90's as well, when he was here in the US.

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Wrote an answer for this and it disappeared because I have so many windows open.

Chertoff is certainly Jewish and apparently a Neocon. The source for Chertoff is the same I linked above:

Jeff Rense (Yes, maybe dodgy) interviews Herbert Dorsey, author of several books including Rulers of Evil. He is elderly and not well apparently but makes the assertion about Chertoff. You will see the podcast that looks like a video if you scroll down. It is titled Shadow Government.

I believe that Skull & Bones definitely is part of the shadow government, or whatever you want to call it. I also believe but have no proof, that Bush may not have been told of 9/11 beforehand. If you remember on the day of 9/11 Bush was in Florida and his plane flew around for hours before it got back to DC. It may have taken someone a few hours to explain it to him since he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

So shills within shills. I will tell you one theory of mine that is just a hunch: the Jews created the Catholic Church or if not, infiltrated it via Loyola, whose parents were indeed Jewish but had to convert or leave Spain. Is that preposterous? It would explain how Jews and Catholics are sometimes interchangeable.

Swiss Intel or Octagon, keeps a low profile but is quite powerful. If there is a global conspiracy, they are a part of it. The world's largest bank, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), is Swiss.

Some believe that Octagon has its roots in the Knights Templars and even further back to ancient Egypt. Isis Horus Seth on the Jesuit logo has got to mean something.

I didn't give you many sources but I hope this helps a bit.

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Catholic church has been hijacked in the 60's. It no longer serves Christians. It is the antithesis of what Christ preached. We now see Jesuits mingling with Rabbis, changing scripture, etc,. Many people have come out and said thr Catholic Church was infiltrated by communists and atheist Jews. It no longer serves Chritianity.

Funny enough, the Catholic church despised the Jesuits hundreds of years ago. And now we have our first Jesuit humanist, futurist pope.