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The Jewish Internet Cops want to have a word with you.

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They already record everything and know where I live so I'm available whenever.

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Ryan Dawson on Zionism and the Jewish Lobby by Ryan Dawson of The ANC Report, [on thkelly67 Tim Kelly (radio host)'s "Our Interesting Times"], 2016-10-17.

MIA on all five search engines. Looks like a very efficient scrubbing by the Jewish Internet Defense Force. Oy vey!

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I know I have that one backed up, along with most/all of Kelly's stuff (but not this last year), and much of Dawson's stuff too. I'm trusting others are catching their recent stuff, certainly in this age of censorship more folks are more aware and thus backing up more - I hope.

Eventually I hope to get a PeerTube instance on a home server up for my digital hoard.