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The CIA, at one time, investigated who was in charge of the world and it traced to "The Holy Alliance," involving the Jesuits, the Greek Orthodox church, the Mormons, etc. At some point, "The Unholy Alliance" took charge, where a secret society within the Jesuits, Zionists and Wahabbists have taken the reigns, where they pretend to run their respective religions, but are, in fact, the opposite when it comes to beliefs.

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I think the CIA is definitely a part of the Unholy Alliance since it was started mostly by Catholics. In fact, the documentary, which may be biased, says that the Jesuits are working behind the screen of groups like Bilderbergs, Club of Rome, CFR, Knights of Malta, etc. And it comes down to one man, the General, who is running the whole shebang. Possibly oversimplified but an amazing watch. It is not until the end that you realize it is produced by a group of Protestants who are the avowed enemies of the Jesuits. If it's all true, it makes understanding history since the sixteenth century much easier.