Rules for s/Jesuits

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.

1. Be respectful.

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Just keep things related to the post and don't try to lower the level of discourse when it comes to defending your points of view.

2. Posts that lack context may be removed.

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If the post isn't meaningful enough and lacks content, it may be removed by the mods.

3. Only Jesuit and Roman Catholic posts allowed.

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Post that aren't related to the Jesuits and the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church won't be tolerated.

4. Moderate the amount of posts and comments.

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You are free to post and comment if you like, but try to moderate the amount you do everyday as to avoid spam.

5. Jews and Jesuits aren't the same.

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Despite all the narratives pointing out that Loyola was supposedly a Jewish converso, he was a racial Basque. So posts trying to mix the Jews and the Jesuits together related to Loyola or not won't be tolerated, the Jesuits banned Jews from the order for many years and commited many crimes in that time, including pushing for anti-Semitism and blaming Jews for their crimes.

6. Anti-Semitism won't be tolerated.

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While the Jews aren't above criticism, the sub runs on the idea that the Vatican/Jesuits run the NWO so there's no point in talking about Jewish influence here.