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What about Brave search?

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It was an abject failure. Cloudflare requires JS to be enabled which Lynx does not support therefore Saidit on Lynx is not an option. :(

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Guess I'll use Lynx on the shell and do my searches through Searx instances from now on. I'm kidding about the Lynx part. It's cool but not very practical; it's a pain in the ass navigating with the up/down/left/right, tab and enter keys. Actually, I'm gonna run a test rn. I'll try commenting from Lynx. I'm stoned and this seems like a good idea for whatever reason... BRB

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On a serious note: links -g is actually a pleasant experience. The big problem is that it doesn't consistently store your browsing history.

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Cool! It's similar to Lynx. Navigating is interesting to say the least. It offered to display a png and I got a wall of gibberish.

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What about other images? It should display them just fine.

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I was running the text-based executable in the terminal. I thought it would display the media by opening a window like its own X11 instance. Turns out you need links2 on linux and you run that executable with the -g argument. I still can't log into Saidit though.

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Oh right, I forget that there's a separate version called links. It's also used synonymously with links2, since the command doesn't include the 2. But no, there's no JS so cloudflare will bar you from a lot of sites. There's elinks which partially supports JS (through a module), and with tweaking you can also get it to display images as well. But it runs in a terminal, so headings have the same size as regular text. You have to be dedicated. For a more complete but still very minimal experience, try netsurf. That one works out of the box with a graphical interface and JS support. I'm not sure exactly how secure it is, but I think it doesn't execute all of the JS.