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Dude it's not good, batteries weigh a lot and take ages to fill up. They are also not very environmentally friendly to mine and produce, or recycle. We need to go the opposite direction and improve railways, public transport. I take a business class bus to the city everyday to and from for 60 a month. It's awesome also, everybody is silent and respective, no driving in traffic. I have an electric bike otherwise, saving me at least 300 bucks a month, or about 1/5th my take home. Also going to add, where does it all go? well we just made 40 million pople this year over replacement, we have to stop somewhere to be cool with nature and also not pollute everything. Not saying you shouldn't have children, but it's like, why do we need 7 billion if we could all be rich as fuck with 4 billion? People need to unite, and find a balance.

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Dude it's not good, batteries weigh a lot and take ages to fill up.

That's why I post about hydrogen- the more hydrogen the less batteries. Hydrogen can provide a green future and abundant cheap energy. And jobs + energy independence. A win all around. Nikola is just adding battery electric to their hydrogen base.

improve railways

Hydrogen electric train