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You finally posted something of value which goes against your preconceived notions about denying the fact that golden men can attract german aryunz women. The goldensfirst mods and I are pleased. Even if you aren't exactly itv, you admitted you're a doon coon just like him who also shared similar views. Even more so, that youtube short would fill bptv with glee if he saw this while lurking. Now go in the kitchen to make ultimat falafel wraps for the whole modboard!!

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Swallow the blackpill like what BPTV loves to say. it took every ounce of my body to force myself to write this shit! Being a failed Arab man like ITV, it makes me want to rope. this is a good start tho

The more I do it the more I get used to the blackpill.

also lol at the chinless bearded saltwater pink bitch coping in the comments of that video short.