the UGLIEST gremlin species in the west by ParadiseLostCuck in AsianTakeover

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Paradyke is a self-hating Chinese and a confirmed incel in his 20's. He probably still hasn't gotten a kiss from any woman, not even his mother would kiss an ass for a face like that. He even said he was a christiancuck in our servers. How pathetic is that? A self-hating, butt ugly christiancuck incel in his 20's. All the eggy members of gayasians should be castrated, to prevent further abominations of nature.

Xi taking his incelibate Korean dog for a walk. by ParadiseLostCuck in AsianTakeover

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The only one of his kind becoz his genetic line is too weak and dysgenic

EXPOSED:an incelibate wannabe Mongol egghead who still lives with his parents and an ugly, lying incel who never went to Harvard! Along with a weak, skinny nerd. Flush these pieces of shit down! by ParadiseLostCuck in AsianTakeover

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And they call other Asians weak. Look at these ugly bitches. Time to expose their asses outside of saidit. A disgrace to the Asian communities. The pink race can have them, we don't claim them.

When a proud cuck and a transgendered egghead team up to create a sub... by based-as-cuck in AsianTakeover

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These wmaf supporters and scum MUST be kicked out of our communities! These two faggots also support that LGBT queer movement, they kept spamming on an old Asian sub, their faggot porn! Also that redditsucksnuts spaz creator is a larping pink cuck who defends Pinkoids!