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I'm still working on this OP. Some dependencies got removed from the internet which is terrifying but surmountable.

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Thanks, and no rush because it would be better if I found another Python programmer before launch. Also I would appreciate it if you could avoid upgrading any software you use - Python, libs, whatever. Everything only gets worse these days because it is being modified by modern scum.

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Update: I overcame some legacy/deprecation issues and feel good about the fixes and the stability. Some SJW ubuntu guy withdrew his popular ubuntu 14 ppa which messed everything up.

I will now jump back into the Docker port and get this turd polished up asap. I'm just updating you because I said 2 weeks, and it has been 3 or so. Anyway I am staying the course.

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I agree about more people. Please please come work with us. Code for freedom for once.

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Would it be of any help if I found some local (Windsor) help?

Obviously you'd still have to double check all work, from here or anywhere else.

Also, I'm trying to line up a fiber line and a few boxes to dedicate as servers and NAS (and potentially for rendering in the future).