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I loved Carl Sagan, but I really don't like NDT. He's so smug and full of himself. He adds "wonder" to everything, but Sagan did it by blowing your mind with information while NDT does it with such pretentiousness, it is exhausting

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Everything he says is scientifically wrong. It's like he goes out of his way to do it. I think he adopted a school of thought that you have to misdescribe things to dumb them down to others but often its no more simple and doesn't fit. You could always just tell people less rather than make shit up.

But it's also little things. In response to the song flat-line that talks about nasa negatively and claims that the Earth is flat, Neil attempted to prove that the Earth is round . A worthy and praiseworthy thing to do. But he said that because the Earth is round and it is spinning and was once liquid, as a result when the Earth formed it was stretched out in the middle. And because of that the elevation of sea level is higher near the equator.

What is wrong... The oceans are an independent liquid body and experience that stretching independent of the shape of the Earth (mostly) and so you would see that effect regardless.

Every single time there is something wrong whenever he opens his mouth.

(Yes I know that the non-uniform shape of the Earth makes he gravitational field slightly less uniform but that effect would be tiny compared to what the oceans experience through centrifugal force. And before you call me out on "centrifugal" at least my logic isn't fundamentally wrong like his is.)

But the sad thing about his peacocking how smart he is with fake science was that it was just deflecting the point of the song, which is that because government runs the science program known as NASA everything NASA does is a military project. "I don't have to address that if just brag how smart I am."

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lol ,love it, Norm is great..and part of the Universe...and so am i, so i'm also great?...maybe a bit?

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Disgraceful Tyson is a bad actor Freemason. He doesn't believe a word he says. It's quite easy and fun to outsmart him.

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He's a NSF and NASA shill. The government shouldn't be allowed to spend money on promoting being allowed to spend more money.

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    Based or biased?

    Or Debased like DeGrasse?