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I knew my Brave browser could do it, and WebTorrenting - but I just haven't. I also know that IPFS is amazeballs - but I haven't got a nice server to set up. I have dozens of hard drives and no home or connection for them. I am a digiatal horder - on a budget. It's all I can do to buy a new hard drive every couple or few months to collect all the interesting stuff I can before it's all censored. ZeroNet is also awesome, though, again I have yet to use it. It's one of my earlier posts in /s/DecentralizeAllThings/, and before I got addicted to SaidIt a year and a half ago I used to edit all sorts of stuff on Wikipedia, etc. The solutions were always heavily censored.

Compare my uncensored out of date articles on InfoGalactic to the Wikipedia ones, oddly they didn't censor WebTorrent (though I haven't checked for a while).

They wouldn't even let me mention Protocol Labs or their other projects. One of the best ways to do research is to dig through the history to find what's been removed, vet it, and add the good stuff.

Have you heard of Holochain? (Terrible choice for their name.) /s/DecentralizeAllThings/comments/827/decentralized_web_internet_alternative_holochain/ Makes me wonder if it was vaporware.

TOR might help - or it might be a trap. It's the Navy's baby. I'd like to see something like TOR crossed with torrenting so there's so much chaos no one could assemble and decipher it.